Vote for Miss Angela

Friends, this is pure comedy gold. Sexy Shyam should be shaking.

Hat tip to David.

[UPDATE] OMG, keep listening to it. It gets better. “Vote or Die. Vote or Die. Vote for Miss Angela.


  1. Dignan says:

    You must have missed the email I sent you and post I did on this about a week ago. High comedy. I couldn’t believe that someone one-upped Hank Johnson’s campaign song.

  2. jacewalden says:


    Is this lady a real candidate, or is this just some kind of joke?

    Guys, why worry about Stephens v. Handel? We can have much more fun with this!

  3. LINDA says:

    My family just returned from Sevier County, TN. I am telling anyone that would love to live in God’s Country, TN is the ticket out of this place!

  4. Mojo says:

    Wow, some people are completely ignorant when it comes to pop culture. “Vote or die,” as spades as mentioned, comes from the Diddy GOTV effort in ’04, but, then again, you’d have to read the Rolling Stone rather than the Weekly World News to get that.

    FYI, anyone who uses the phrase “it’s a black thing,” is usually a closet racist…they use the same closet to hide their rebel flag, white hoods and SS uniforms.

    Uh, another FYI, TN is the armpit of America.

  5. LINDA says:

    Dear Mojo,

    Actually Montgomery, AL holds the title as the armpit of America with Atlanta holding a close second. My friends that live in TN love it there. Crime in the Smokey Mountain area is almost nonexistent. But some people are able to put on blinders and ignore the reality of what Georgia actually has become.

  6. Mike Hassinger says:

    Mojo, I believe you missed what’s known as “sarcasm” in Bill’s comment. You might want to look it up. He’s no racist, closet or otherwise, though he does like to get up and in folks’ faces now and then.

    I’d like to know -seriously- are the regular Peach Pundit posters just missing the value of a campaign rap or song because we’re mostly white and mostly Republican? This stage of a campaign is about getting the non-junkies excited about your candidacy. Maybe putting some music to it isn’t a bad idea. Is anyone besides me old enough to remember Margie Lopp singing: “Put Paul Coverdell in the Senate and put Wyche Fowler OWWWWWWWWT!” ? I think there was even a banjo to go along with her singing. Everyone at the time thought it was the stupidest thing they’d ever heard -until Coverdell won. So maybe those of us without the desire, the jack or the stones to put our own names on a ballot (koff, koff, Dignan, koff) should be evaluating it as a vote-getting/buzz-building technique, and not as a pop song.

    Just a question.

  7. LINDA says:

    Why are you people so defensive of Bill Simon stating a fact? A campaign that is run on the premise that a certain group of voters is disenfranchised is racist. Why can’t you be real, and quit apologizing for what is reality?

  8. bowersville says:

    Explain further, if you please, about disenfranchised. I’m not attacking Simon, but I have to admit, I’m a bit lost here.

  9. LINDA says:

    Another friend points out on her website this language:

    “In a collaborative effort to protect the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters across Georgia . . .

  10. bowersville says:

    Thanks Linda, wasn’t going to vote for her to begin with. I have to admit that statement about protecting the disenfranchisment totally dissed me! Besides, Simon is still not a rascist!

  11. Bill Simon says:


    The only people I’ve EVER heard use the expression “It’s a black thing” ARE black people…thus my use of it cannot be termed to be “racist” if I am merely parroting what the black folks say.

    And, thank you B’ville and Hassinger.

  12. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Wonkette had a bit of fun this this song as well.

    If you think the song is funny, you ought to here her spin on how to solve the economic problems in this state by bringing more professional boxing to GA with Don King.

    Yes, the SOS is in charge of boxing licensing and “if” we have more professional fights here, according to her logic, we’d make up the $$ difference from loosing 5,000 good paying union manufacturing jobs.

    You go gurl….

  13. one big D says:

    The creator of the Ms. Agela rap had this to say “Young rapper Puta said he was excited about empowering youth to be politically engaged, adding the most concerning issue to him is gay marriage. “People don’t need to be with the same sex. They need to be with the opposite sex,” Keenan Mathews, aka Puta, 13, said.”

    Ms. Angela’s response ” He probably sees his Dad sitting there [making comments],” Angela Moore explained why she personally is against gay marriage based on her religious upbringing”.

    Do you think she found Jee-sus while she was doing time in the pokie?

  14. buzzbrockway says:

    I was thinking about that Coverdell song, thanks Mike for bringing it up. I guess that makes me old.

    I also agree that a campaign song can be powerful. Rap is a very popular form of music and Atlanta is a breeding ground for rappers. I wouldn’t dismiss this just yet.

  15. Mojo says:


    Darn Bill, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you was black. That is why you used it, like everyone else you hear, right?


    Hey genius, I’m reading a few paltry comments on the internet, tell me how I can pick up the vocal inflections and tone that define sarcasm? Besides, sarcasm can be racist as well. For instance: I see a black man get a job over a white friend and he responds, sarcastically, “Damn that affirmative action.” Man, before opening your mouth try thinking for a change.


    There is overt racism and covert racism. Overt racism is that which is openly hostile on a conscious meanspirited level. For instance: those n*****s need to get a job or go back to Africa. Covert racism is that which is more subtle, often times it is almost unconscious and bred from many years of snide racial comments delivered by surrounding society. For instance: white boy says “It’s a black thing,” or, “them blacks…” jacewalden states that the sanity of those who donate to Angela Moore should be questioned, then Bill replies that “it’s a black thing,” hinting that the questionable sanity, or stupidity, of those who would donate to the campaign of Angela Moore, are black.

  16. LINDA says:

    Dear Mojo,

    Can you honestly say that Angela Moore is running as SOS to represent all the people of Georgia or is she playing the race card? We are tired of the race card being played, and both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of it. For example, we have a black leader in Macon that said that “people had better get used to it, as it is white money and black power running Macon now.” Now, take a look at the Black Caucus in the US House of Representative, and they are as rascist as any group could be. As a matter of fact, many members of the Black Caucus were present at the Million More March in DC, which is clearly a divisive movement that is nothing more than Black Nationalism.

    The reality is that many in the white community have eyes and ears that see and hear what many in the African American political forum run on, and it sure is not inclusiveness for whites.

    I do not have the answer to solve the racial problems that we face, but black leaders that run on an agenda that plays the race card is not my cup of tea.

  17. LINDA says:

    Dear Mojo,

    I want to be fair here, and tell you that when I see Mark Taylor holding black babies, and grinning like he works in a day care center all day taking care of them, it makes me want to puke. I know that Taylor is running these commercials with one motive, which is to get the black vote. Then the commercial with the tall black police officer that says that Taylor will take care of the little guy is also disgusting. Why could he not get a white police officer in the commercial? Are there no oppressed white people in Georgia that need help? You see politics is disgusting and so plastic that anyone with an IQ above 100 can see the race card being played on both sides. Even Governor Perdue is guilty of it as is Cathy Cox, and the list goes on and on.

    I am not a racist, as I am just honest. Unfortunately, most are so caught up with being PC that they shake in their boots at the thought of speaking the truth. When I ran for a Commissioners’ seat, I was told to get a black person to take your picture with and put it out on a mailer. This totally disgusted me, as I have good freinds that are black and I would never use them for a political motive.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am not picking on you, as I am trying to get you to see what the big picture is.

  18. bowersville says:

    You may be correct, but I don’t think so. Simon , Walden, though they are white, I personally don’t believe they are racists. They may be misguided by their youth( and their present political thinking), but they are not racist. I have actually seen Walden, don’t know him personally. but PLEASE! look at Simons last name. Do what I call “word soup,” and google, You will find the name of Simon unique in being discrminated against. Walden is yet young and very opinionated, but I don’t believe he is a rascist. He simply believes closing the southern border will help prevent another 9/11 attack.

  19. Mojo says:


    Good first post. Let me clear up a few things: first, I don’t support nor do I defend Angela Moore, so you accusing her of playing the race card doesn’t affect my argument; second, even if she plays the race card, how is that part of the racist comment offered by Bill Simon?; and, third, blacks are disfranchised in some ways, why do you think we prevent citizens who commit felonies from voting even after they have served their debt to society? 87% of the black and latino population in New York state cannot vote.

    On to the second post. You say you are disgusted by Mark Taylor pandering for the black vote. Well, wake up, this is how political campaigns work. Politicians pander for everyones vote no matter who they are. So, why be upset at Mark Taylor, you should be upset at the entire system that makes the issues secondary to easily digested slogans and false images.

    Okay, so then he gets a white police officer, but why couldn’t he get an Asian officer? It is that very sentiment that defines prejudice. Why can’t it be my kind? Why can’t it be my color? When Americans see that it is a police officer, and not a white guy or a black guy, up there asking for you to vote for some snake oil salesman, then, just maybe, racism will be a thing of the past, when we see people and not colors.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Perdue, Taylor and Cox have many, many commercials devoted to pandering for the white vote. Just wait for the country song theme and the rebel flags. It’s coming, be patient.

    Don’t worry, you’re not picking on me. For you to do that you’d have to be my intellectual superior.


    Yeah, and I’m sure David Duke is a nice guy and bakes a mean croissant.

  20. bowersville says:

    Don’t jump on that, I know of Duke, and dispise his outlook. My comment was a teaser. Though not funny.

  21. Mojo says:


    Actually, it was very apropos. Who cares who David Duke is? He’s just reactionary anachronism incarnate.

    I wish I were funny.

  22. LINDA says:

    Dear Mojo,

    When I ran for office, I talked to people in South Macon to vote for me. Some of them were white former felons that told me they could not vote. Why should people that do wrong in society be allowed to choose who gets elected to office? That is just the way the majority has designed our system of checks and balances. Smarter people should hold all offices. I think that people that hold political office should have to score 115 or higher on an IQ test, be able to pass a series of economic tests, accounting tests and be able to understand governmental accounting.

    I want to live in a society that will never exist in this Country because we have lowered our standards that our forefathers set forth. I do not believe in the least that Simon is a racist. Simon is intelligent and obviously does not like the race card being played.

    The fact of the matter is that most of you will live to see the balkanization of the United States because there is no such thing as the Utopia that the fraud of multiculturalism tries to accomplish. When I see a black person running for office thanking me and my relatives for our ancestors that gave their lives in the Civil War, then I will say now that is a person worthy of my taking note of, and I will try to learn about their political platform.

  23. LINDA says:

    Dear Mojo,

    I want to add that I also believe that an IQ test should be given to register to vote, and the score should be no lower than 100. So I am not main stream at all.

  24. Mojo says:


    “Why should people that do wrong in society be allowed to choose who gets elected to office?”

    When an individual commits a crime then it is justifiable for society to impose a penalty for the commission of that crime. Society typically extends such a punishment in the form of forceable incarceration, where the individual is given a period of time to reside in prison, a period of time that is equal to the level of crime committed. Jeremy Bentham, the utilitarian philosopher, stated that for a penalty to have any affect it should exceed the benefit gained from the commission of the crime, therefore, if a person steals a car they receive a period of time in prison that exceeds the benefit gained from the stealing of the car.

    Now, the penalty for that crime is incarceration and, if necessary, a period of probation, however, once this penalty, imposed by a jury of peers, or an unbiased judicial authority, has been met then that person has paid for their crime. They have done wrong to society and then paid their debt to society. Why punish them for the rest of their life? This is continuous punishment that is levied against these individuals above and beyond that which was imposed upon them by the courts, and it is the courts that have been given the role of levy of punishment by society against these particular individuals.

    There is no check and balance, for there is nothing to “check” and nothing to “balance.”

    How does a high intelligence equal a high aptitude for statesmanship? I doubt Abraham Lincoln could have passed your rigid system of merit testing, and, I think, he did pretty well as leader of this nation.

    “Simon is intelligent and obviously does not like the race card being played.”

    Of course intelligent person cannot be racist…right?

    What is wrong with multiculturalism? What is wrong with an individual being proud of who they are and where they came from? This nation was once mostly English and these nativists fought hard against the horde of Irish and German immigrants that flooded these shores. Then, the Irish and Germans fought hard against the horde of Italians, Slavs, Jews and Asians that flooded these shores. Now, the new horde are the Latinos, so, once again, the carbon copy nativist rage must be inflamed once more. We know the ending to this story.

    Every few decades a blind few screech from the mountaintop about the threat of “balkanization” and, every time, this frightening event never takes place. New Americans are assimilated into our culture, usually by the third generation, and are fully American whilst still retaining some semblance of their particular culture. This is reality, so all the nativist alarm bells can be silenced once and for all.

    “When I see a black person running for office thanking me and my relatives for our ancestors that gave their lives in the Civil War, then I will say now that is a person worthy of my taking note of, and I will try to learn about their political platform.”

    I guess the only black figures worth any note to you are the house slaves willing to thank dear ol’ massa for bein’ so kind an’ generous.

  25. LINDA says:

    Dear Bowersville,

    I am Linda J. Poole, a CPA in Macon, Georgia. I ran for Bibb County Commissioner District 2. I ran in a district that was gerrymandered to slice the South Bibb community that was predominantly white. Thus I ran in a district that was 65% black and did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. I ran against an incumbent that was the first person to go to an all white school in Macon, Georgia and break the racial barrier. All you had to do is ask me, and I would tell you who I am. I own my own practice, and I am a person that speaks what is on my mind.

  26. Mojo says:

    A bit off topic, but did anyone see the Colbert Report and see that Lynn Westmoreland couldn’t even name the Ten Commandments. This coming from a intellectual lilliputian that co-sponsored a bill for the posting of the same Ten Commandments in pulic places.

    You know what, we should allow the posting of the Ten Commandments everywhere, whether public or private, so that Westmoreland can finally learn what the hell they are.

    Jeez, doesn’t anyone pay attention in Sunday School?

  27. LINDA says:

    Dear Mojo,

    I take offense to the slander about me being like a slave master. FYI, my ancestors arrived here from Germany in about 1713 before the Revolutionary War. My people came here before there were bridges, roads and railroads, and they built this country. As far as I know, many in my ancestory started out with nothing and worked for what they had with no slave labor. I will leave you with a quote:

    “When the debate is over, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”


    Thanks. But do you think that I could ever find a political consultant to represent me! Ha!

  28. bowersville says:

    Linda, I don’t know, I’m not a consultant, but as sure as I type this, MAYBE SOME BODY WITH FORTITUDE, such as Erick, will come out of hiding, and stand up for someone who speaks their mind (instead of listening to the wind of the polls). How about it you consultants from Macon, are you just out for the money, or are you for a cause?

  29. Mojo says:


    OMG, oh thee of the easily punctured skin. Get over yourself and stop joining the rest of easily offended victims in society. I find it interesting that you get so upset b/c I called you out on the fact that you only take note of black politicians that come TO you and thank you for some bogus sacrifice a hundred and fifty years ago. That is a slavemaster mentality. I’m sorry if the truth hurts. Maybe you should look at everyone’s platform irregardless of color or their servile fawning.

    “I drank what?” Socrates

  30. LINDA says:

    Dear Mojo,

    I think you are drinking Kool Aid my young man. The Civil War was not a bogus sacrifice of young lives. I assume you have never been to Gettysburg and taken a ride on the tour bus that takes visitors back in time to when young men no older than 15 marched into battle and had their young limbs blown off. Yes, you are typical of the thankless other members in this society that are nothing but parasites to those that gave all. Good day!

  31. Mike Hassinger says:

    You know when you addressed me as “genius,” a couple posts up? That was sarcasm. I read your post and didn’t need to be aware of your “vocal inflections and tone” to pick up on it. You’ll find it easier if you don’t expect “vocal inflections and tone” from posts on PP, which is still a WRITTEN form of communication. What do you do, press your ear to the screen?

    And if you want to claim “intellectual superiority” to someone, you really should avoid using vague pronoun references and the word “irregardless.” Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.

    Candidates are seeking power over people. Any candidate who expects a consultant to give away skills and services so that the candidate can have and wield political power over others is clinically insane. It’s not cynical to expect to be paid for one’s skills, most especially in politics.

  32. LINDA says:

    Dear Mike Hassinger,

    You need not worry because those with a real cause do not need political consultants. A person with a passion for the truth and reality can carry their own in an election. I am proud to have received 32% of the vote in my election, and I am not too darn PC to say the election was decided on racial lines. I put out my own signs and hand delivered my own platform by putting letters in the voters’ paper bpxes. Political consultants are to blame for this mess that our Country is in today!

    I am a professional myself, and I am helping a lady that cannot leave her husband that is in his final stages of life with hospice visiting daily to file an appeal on her property tax revaluation. I am doing it for free! I heard an attorney on a local radio station say that he would help people with appeals for a fee. Now that is the difference between me and others is that I will help others that cannot help themselves. I see that several lengthy posts have been added to this PP blog to hide this post into the archives. That is unfortunate because many need real instruction in how to abolish PC for good!

  33. Mojo says:


    It took you quite some time to write that post. How long did you search the internet and old grammar books for your material?

    But, you have awakened me and now I must get serious. One must use vocal inflections and tone to pick up on sarcasm, unless, like me, the person fully understands this and makes it as obvious as possible for the reader. Bill Simon, on the other hand, offers a few paltry comments and it is impossible to read any sarcasm in those comments.

    Let us review what I previously stated, “Hey genius, I’m reading a few paltry comments on the internet, tell me how I can pick up the vocal inflections and tone that define sarcasm.” Now, tell me where that states that I attempt to place my ear to the computer and listen?

    You state, “And if you want to claim “intellectual superiority

  34. Bill Simon says:


    Would it help you understand anything if I was to suggest you needed to be bitch-slapped? OR, would that covertly/overtly imply I’m a misogynist?

  35. Mojo says:

    Nevermind. I quit. I can’t believe I’m a defender of the p.c. culture. I’ll stop now. Sometimes passion overwhelms good sense.

  36. taint_foolhardy says:

    Perhaps, and I’ll throw in a maybe….You are all too wrapped up in the trappings of a community mind. The greatness of the democracy lies in the thoughts of individuals, not groups. Whatever tactics one uses to elevate their respective position is nothing but that. Which is to say. If I have a ridiculous song, is that any worse than a horribly false and slanderous commercial. I believe to the current political mind there is a simple equation and it goes like this. MONEY=VALIDITY. Your are all jaded by rhetoric which has been grandfathered down to you. Essentially, what your criticizing, is the want of an oppressed lower class to elevate their position. Holy CHIRST! Sounds familiar….Now I know it’s not that easy. And I don’t agree with their agenda. But to criticize a candidate for targeting their marquis audience, and assuming your candidate is any better, is pure falicy. I highly suggest you take your high horse and give him a drink of fresh water. Because, in essence, its not advertisements I vote for, its issues. And if you feel this woman is reaching a bigger audience than you, and your issues arent being represented, than it is your fault, not hers.

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