DADT, Jason Nye, and Fan Mail

It’s a banner day here at the Tanalach Media, LLC World Headquarters, and especially the PeachPundit publishing division.

Today, we received our first letter to the editor via US Snail Mail. Well, actually it was addressed to “Jason Nye” – the pseudonym given to our own Jason Pye by Georgia Public Broadcasting.

The writer graciously sent a copy of their DADT-concerned correspondence recently sent to Senator Chambliss. Permission was not explicitly given to use their name, but I’ve included the correspondence as a counter-balance to Jason’s DADT post from last week.

Over the years I’ve seen literally thousands of letters to the editor at RedState and PeachPundit, but it’s just much more meaningful to receive them the old fashioned way.


  1. bluemcduff says:

    Congrats, Jason! I love it when I see letters from people who get so mad they forget the English language and good grammar.

    In this case, making a point on an issue is one thing, but looking like an idiot whilst doing so is quite another.

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