After Elections, There Is Transition

As Erick Erickson has faded into black, and I have assumed the keys to this fine establishment, I just wanted to take a moment to update our readers on what they can expect going forward here at Peach Pundit.

Starting today, we’ll be adding new contributors.  We’ll feature one new person each weekday this week and most of next.   This will be the largest addition we’ve had since the inception of Peach Pundit, yet small enough that I believe we’ll preserve the character and characters that make us unique.

In the recent weeks, we’ve had Erick, Chris Farris, Jace and Tyler make their exit, so there was a clear need to reload.  In addition, we are going to get back to our roots where we are the place to discuss Georgia politics, with all sides and political parties represented.   We also recognize the need for fresh faces and opinions.  As such, while many of the new contributors do comment here on occasion, we have looked mainly beyond our commenting community for our new stable of writers.

Each of the new folks have been granted a trial run, with the hope and expectation that there’s a mutual fit.  I am confident each brings something unique to the table that will benefit our community.  Please do your best to make them feel welcome, treat each with respect, and where necessary, help them understand any inside news such as Huckabee winning his last primary or Paul Broun’s inability to get sworn in.

Each of our existing and new contributors has been given a written policy of expectations.   Soon, we will also publish an often asked for guideline/policy for commenters.   We hope to remain a site where comment moderation is used sparingly, and that those commenting will continue to do a good job of policing ourselves so that the heavy hand of a moderator is seldom if ever required.

One of the things that Erick and I share is that when we each started here, we did it for fun.  With increased visibility comes responsibility, and I’ll confess that it’s less fun for me than it once was.  I still apparently enjoy it enough to do this for free, however.   As for the rest of you, I hope it is a place, and remains a place, where you can find humor.  Often, the topics are serious, and the issues are real.  But as we seek to incorporate a greater variety of opinions and perspectives, it is my hope that humor will remain the common ground.

Finally, I want to once again thank Erick for the often thankless task of starting this blog with Clayton and keeping it going well beyond when it ceased to be fun for him.   He’s leaving behind a great little place here, and with these changes and any more to come, my mantra remains the same:  I’ll try not to screw this up.


  1. Kellie says:

    If you haven’t added anyone from Hall county you should think about Joshua Morris. He is very involved in the Hall GOP and Hall is where all the big boys are from.

    Good luck.

          • Kellie says:

            haha. I meant the major politicians. Hall has it going on now. Charlie never wanted to come out this way because we weren’t that important but now he may be forced to. 🙂

            • B Balz says:

              Always did, in my view. S. Hall Co. (Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Buford) all ROCK.

              Lots of good companies fled DeKalb, even GWINCO, to relo to South Hall. And without Hall poultry, Atlanta wouldn’t have $14 guacamole in Atlantic Station.

    • mountainpass says:

      Kellie you may have the “big boys”, over in Hall but the “Pickens Machine” just helped get my house guy in with 86% of the vote!

  2. bowersville says:


    I remember you saying that you wouldn’t stand in front of the on-coming freight train and noticed that while that statement is technically true you have placed yourself in the position of lying(not standing) across the tracks many times over. I’ve read carefully behind you and I believe I am right when I place you in the ranks of the idealist.

    I hope with the new contributors coming on board you will not be walking that path alone. It looks as if plenty of fodder will be available for idealistic contributors.

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks Bowersville. I tried to shoot you a message a few weeks ago but the address we have on file doesn’t appear to be active. Drop me a line at Icarus dot GA at gmail dot com. We should catch up.

      As for being an idealist, I’ll admit that I have a certain direction I believe we should be heading, and I believe there are right and wrong things to do along that path. But I’m also a pragmatist. I understand the value of winning the battles you can win, and there are also times you play defense so that you can fight another day.

      I’ll also admit that some days it’s hard to know which side you should be playing. But that’s the joy of not being here alone. There are times we’re outnumbered, but some of us will choose to remain out here, and hope we can eventually get on that path, going the right direction, in the right way.

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