Greetings from Southwest Georgia!

My name is Theresa Garcia and I’ve been politically active from the age of 3. My mother is so excited about this new writing gig that she may post a home video of me (age 3) and my dad going door to door campaigning for my “Uncle” Jack’s city council race just to prove that she helped to jumpstart my love for politics. And she did have a lot to do with it. I’m a true “Rush Baby” as my granddaddy and my mother both listened to him every day at lunch and I used to ask for them to turn it on if they happened to forget. I loved the intensity of Limbaugh’s voice when things weren’t going the way he wanted them to and I loved hearing all about Congress, the Senate, and the White House. Heck, at the age of five, I cried when Bill Clinton beat Bush Sr.  My favorite subjects in school were always government and English, so it’s really no surprise that I write about politics.

Most recently I was the Campaign Coordinator for Josh McKoon’s State Senate race and a staffer for Mike Keown in the 2nd Congressional race against Sanford Bishop. Those experiences are some of the greatest I’ve ever had and I have plenty of  stories to share. I have been blogging since 2005, politically since 2008, and my blog (Columbus, Georgia: Theresa Style) is located here.

I do view my love of politics as some sort of sickness at times. I almost feel like I should be sitting in some sort of “Political Addiction” meeting. With only 5 days since the Midterms, I am still experiencing what I can only define as withdrawals. After 17 months of being on the campaign trail, I keep waking up feeling the need to raise money, put out campaign signs, and attend a “meet and greet coffee” with the candidate. Politics in my home town of Columbus seems to have smiled on me, much to the dismay of the general public, with a couple of run-off elections, so the season is not quite over for me. Three more weeks!!

I bring a unique view to Peach Pundit. Not only do I bring a Southwest Georgia voice, but I also bring a 20-something, politically incorrect, Hispanic female perspective. I welcome constructive criticism, open-minded discussion, and varying points of view.

I’m excited about being here and looking forward to the feedback and discussion I know is right around the corner.


    • Theresa.

      Welcome to PP’s front page! I suspect you’ll have fun.

      B Balz,

      Based on her early start in politics, perhaps you could have cited, “From the Beginning” off of the Trilogy album. 🙂

  1. gatormathis says:

    “Not only do I bring a Southwest Georgia voice, but I also bring a 20-something, politically incorrect, Hispanic female perspective.”

    ……reminds me of a story…….last year my brother was getting some welding done on a tank……and as usual it was hot as the proverbial “four hunnerds”……..
    …..sweat pouring off everybody, the welder guy had a younger hispanic male…bout 28 ….maybe 30 with him….my brother smiles and asks him…..”man, does it get this hot down in Mexico???…… which the young fella smiled and said……”hellifino……i was born in Florida…..i ain’t never been there”……….lol….

    ………soooo…..welcome to PP Theresa….prepare to “perspective” tha heck of of us!!!!!!

        • Gerald says:

          Nope. A conservative who strays off the reservation every now and then is still conservative. Let me guess … you support amnesty and support the death penalty?

            • Theresa says:

              Amnesty is not a black and white issue and I am for the death penalty. However, I do think that the Government should fund the arts…(and I am now being sent an email thanking me for my time on PP, but it’s just not working out…)

              • MSBassSinger says:

                Welcome to PP from another SOWEGA native (Cairo). That you worked with Mike means a lot. His wife and I went to high school together.

                I would love to hear how you can reconcile support for amnesty for millions of criminals with conservatism. As for me, I want to see the employers of illegals fully prosecuted. Dry up the jobs, the illegals go home. And yes, plenty of Americans will take the jobs as the free market balances wages and work. I used to work in the fields before illegals invaded south Georgia, so I know from experience.

                I’d also like to hear how you reconcile government funding of the arts with conservatism.

                I’d also like to hear how you reconcile opposing the death penalty with conservatism.

                Your future posts will likely make for some good reading and good posts from numerous points of view.

                Also, keep in mind a 20-something point of view is not necessarily a bonus. Years and miles later, you will likely not look kindly on some of your 20-something views. It happens to all of us. But they will make for good discussion.

  2. TPNoGa says:


    Welcome. Your post reminded me that the only time I have ever cried due to an election result was the same as you, 1992. I remember listening to Bush Sr. concede on the radio and I got choked up. I think it was because it was the end of an era, and my care free youth.

  3. Baker says:

    Congrats Theresa,

    I know we all look forward to getting to hear from new voices out there. Also, I’m not sure you are aware of this, but your last name is Garcia. How dare you be a conservative. Don’t you know if you are a minority you can only be a Democrat? Apparently you missed that nugget. But seriously, congrats to you and I look forward to reading.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        Bienvenidos Theresa!

        Do you happen to be a Catholic as well? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that there ain’t too many of us observing the Holy Days of Obligation around these parts.

        • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

          Yeah, I keep it on the down low. We’re not well-liked down here. Been told more than once that Catholics are not Christians….sigh 🙁

          • MSBassSinger says:

            And here are Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Church of God, etc. that are not Christians. Only a person ignorant of Scripture would declare that a Catholic is not a Christian.

  4. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    Hey Theresa,

    Good to see another Columbus native on here. I’m glad Josh won by a fairly large margin, and Mike did well considering the demographics of the district(but I’m still upset he didn’t win). I’ll look forward to reading your posts on PP.

  5. Anonymole says:


    One quick test before you can gain my approval. 3

    What are the boundaries of “South Georgia”?

    • MSBassSinger says:

      Not answering for Theresa, but I have heard it postulated that the boundary of south Georgia is somewhere just above Lee County, and the boundary of north Georgia is just north of Macon, and what lies between is middle Georgia.

      Now that I live in the north Georgia foothills (NW Cherokee County), I tend to see Georgia as Atlanta and not-Atlanta.

    • Jeff says:

      As someone who flits between Leesburg and Macon daily, on I-75 I personally define South Ga as beginning somewhere around exits 127-117. Unsure how Unadilla classifies itself, but I think the argument could be made that it is either extreme southern Middle Ga or extreme northern South Ga.

      In general though, I can accept the current CD-2 as “southwest Ga”, because if people look at a CD map, that is typically what they would think when they see CD-2.

  6. The most important question is, “Are you single?” Many of the commenters don’t appear to ever leave the site for more than an hour, thus limiting their chances of meeting any women other than Lady Thinker.

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