Hello, World!

To take a quote from a programmer’s handbook: “Hello, World!

It’s my turn to introduce myself and give you a quick synopsis of my background.  I’m Nathan Smith and 24 years old (yes, a young whippersnapper!).  I was born and raised in Northwest Georgia—a few miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I love my hometown and the great state of Georgia.  I graduated from Dalton State College with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, and I currently work as a mainframe programmer for Unum, an insurance company based in Chattanooga.

In addition, I am the Republican Party Chairman for Walker County, Chairman of the Northwest Georgia Young Republican Club, Secretary for the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia, and on the committee of the 9th District Republican Party. In the past, I also served as the College Republicans Chairman for Dalton State College.

I got my interest in politics from my dad.  Although he wasn’t involved in party politics, he always talked about current political events and is still a strong conservative.  I am the first in my family to branch out into this party politics thing.  My first political activity was volunteering on Martin Scott’s campaign for the Georgia House in 2004 (I was 18 then), so I’m still learning a lot! Right now, I enjoy what I’m doing politically; interacting with folks and campaigning for those that I believe would do the best job in elected office.

Outside of politics, I’m an amateur (ham) radio operator (my call sign is KI4YHI) and the secretary for my local ham radio club.  I’m also involved in planting a church in a Chattanooga community.

My goal for these posts is to share my experience as part of a young generation of Republicans assuming leadership positions in the party.  Also, I would like to give you some perspective from the 9th Congressional District—since it’s been so popular with its numerous elections over the past year.  I think we are having one next week just for grins.

I look forward to interacting more with you all in the future.  I’m on Facebook, so look me up and shoot me a message.  Thanks for reading and glad to be aboard!


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