Greetings From Athens

Obviously, my name is Brandon. Apparently I am the new “Intern” here on Peach Pundit. For those of you who already know me, congratulations. For those who don’t, I’m glad you’re getting to meet me now. I currently reside in the Promised Land sometimes referred to as Athens and hail from a town below the gnat line that is just as marginalized in state politics as the rest of South Georgia. Supposedly I am majoring in Political Science.

There are three things I dislike most: bad traffic, cold toilet seats and elections that do not go my way. I experienced two of the three on November 2nd. Analyze that statement however you want but try to have a good weekend when it gets you nowhere. On a lighter note, I look forward to interacting with yall and sharing thoughts amidst intelligent discussion


      • It’s a contraction of the words “you” and “all”. Useful for differentiation between the singular “you” and the plural “you”.

        If a person is not born and bred in the South, use of “y’all” can be dangerous. Do not attempt to use “y’all”, but eventually it will works its way into your conversation on its own. And apparently, even those born in the South cannot always spell it properly.

        And you knew all of this already. 🙂

        • Anonymole says:

          Frankly, I don’t care if Brandon can spell. All I want to know is if he can catch a football or guarantee us four yards per carry.

  1. Georgiansforjustice says:

    Obviously this is your first important gig. Apparently you are a little nervous. Supposedly you will get better and congratulations for receiving a comment from me.

  2. Claude Godfrey and I have been hazing Brandon for nearly a year during the lengthy campaign process. I highly recommend hazing Brandon as a hobby and avocation.

    Of course we also taught him a lot. I’m not sure if the “humility” lessons took. so feel free to help with those.

    I almost forgot: Welcome, Brandon, and CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Anonymole says:


    You need to learn that around these parts if you are outside of Atlanta, you are in South Georgia.

    Not Atlanta = South Georgia. Write me an essay over the weekend on why that makes sense.

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