Douglasville Approves Submisison of Highway Projects to GDOT

The Douglasville City Council approved road improvement projects to be submitted to the GDOT as part of the Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (Ga HB 277).

The city submitted 41 projects to GDOT for consideration.

The top three projects on the list are Phases I, II and III of the Ga. Highway 92 realignment and widening project, which total $87,154,406.

Phase I will see the construction of a bridge under Bankhead Highway (US 78) and the railroad track and create six lanes for traffic. The project will cost approximately $28,088,000. Phase II will widen Ga. Highway 92, expanding the road from Fairburn Road to Highway 78 from two to six lanes at a cost of about $32,499,000.

Phase III will expand the road from two to six lanes from Bankhead Highway to Dallas Highway (SR 92) and is estimated to cost $26,567,406.

Read more: Douglas County Sentinel – Hwy 92 tops Douglasville’s transportation priorities list

Readers of PP will remember that the open-to-all townhall so-called community meeting on Highway 92 was the topic of discussion that garnered Rep. David Scott (D-GA13)some national attention back in August.


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    What’s the subject in this thread? The road? Or an excuse to bring up the townhall meetings about the road that was hijacked by tea partiers in August?

    While the good doctor was not a plant, there were others from outside the district who did come specifically to confront Scott on healthcare. Did you mention that someone painted a swastika on Scott’s congressional office, the month before during the healthcare debates? That might tend to shorten one’s fuse. As a consequence of Rep Scott’s vote on healthcare, he was re-elected with a larger margin in 2010 then in 2008. Regardless of the sentiments of those in the room regarding healthcare, his constituents approved of his vote.

  2. Steve says:

    I agree with Progressive Dem above, that this is more or less a “Thread To Nowhere”. However, if we’re bringing up Douglasville anyway… whatever happened to the pit bull ban from a month or two back? Did that get enacted?

    • Obi's Sister says:

      The pitbull ban failed, but the City Council is now considering some type of “dangerous dog” regulation. Purposefully vague, therefore easily manipulated.

      Who decides what type of dog is dangerous? Does the dog have to bite someone first? Or just look scary? If that’s the case, my Aunt’s chihuahua would be first on the list.

  3. Obi's Sister says:

    The point was… that despite all the fuss and bother, the road was approved. So now a major road will be widened, at a huge expense, to funnel drivers to an interstate that already can’t handle the current volume.

    P.S. Don’t be so sensitive.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      A $90,000,000 SR92 package of projects is a tall order for approval of the metro Atlanta politicians “roundtable” (not to mention what I can only guess are at least tens of millions more for the other 38 projects combined) to be placed on the referendum.

      That’s only half the battle, as then there’s the pesky matter of metro Atlanta voters actually approving the referendum.

      It’s good to put everything on the table, but well north of $100M in projects for a city of not much over 30,000 located within a transportation region with about 4 million people with $8B to spend?

      Douglasville’s share of HB277 funding works out to $70M on a per capita basis (~2k a head). I’ll speculate that Phase III gets axed by the Roundtable (which doesn’t mean that GDOT can’t fund it otherwise).

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