The Kountry Boy & his Peanuts comes to Peach Pundit

Alright Y’all,

 My name is Keith MacCants (McCants) & I reside down here in the boondocks of rural Macon County in the town of Oglethorpe, the home of Peanut Politics. I live 10 miles north of the Andersonville Ntaional Cemetary. Macon Co is a democratic stronghold ran by the Old-Guard Richard Russell Democrats along with the new guard Obama Democrats. Its almost taboo to run as a republican here, but I think that’ll change in the next few years.

I graduated from South Georgia College in 2003 majoring in Aircraft Structual Repair & Welding Technology. I now work as a certified welder/boilermaker, going on 9 years.

I am a  rural, conservative democrat,(which are becoming rare here in Ga) who at times over the years have pondered whether or not to leave the party due to the overbearing nature of the liberal wing of the party, but I have remained. I assisted State Senate candidate Griffin Lotson (D-Darien) & State Rep candidate James RC Timmons (D-Camilla) with their campaigns in in a part-time advisory role.

I love to fish, hunt, a big fan of Nascar’s Tony Stewart & the late Dale Eardhardt & talking politics with old-timers who still remember the days of Eugene Talmadge. I’ve been called a “Black Redneck” to  a poor man’s “Joe the Plumber”, (although I know I make more money & much more in tune with politics  that the one hit wonder).

I founded the blog Peanut Politics back in 2009, which provides a common everyday person’s point of view of politics, right after the presidential elections. I didn’t take it seriously at first, but eventually people started to folllow the blog & what I had to say. I started Peanut Politics to provide a voice to the concerns & happenings of rural Georgia that wasn’t getting the attention it needed.

My politics is that of a moderate conservative, who often disagree with his party on a host of social and economic issues. I support school prayer, a balance budget amendment, the elimination of all abortions, the dismantling of affirmative action, welfare programs that have kept a certain segment of the popultaion down on its knees, but I do not support school vouchers, & keeping goverment as small as possible because lord knows we all know it does more harm than good.

Currently I am the Vice-Chairman of the Macon County Democratic Party & potential candidate for District 2 County Commission seat in 2011

I want to thank Charlie Harper for inviting me to join Peach Pundit as a contributor & I will do my best to tell it like it is. I curry no favors & I offer a no-holds bar, unfiltered view of all things related to politics. That is all!


  1. slyram says:

    Keith: Good to see your new status on PP. You know you are my favorite young person around Georgia politics and the rest of those young folks would be wise to hear your views.

    Charlie, you handled the two maids situation well on Two and Half Men last night…(I couldn’t resist because I never saw your whole name before.)

    Keith, that Black Redneck thing is funny…the next time we are at the Dairy Queen together, I will tell you about the interesting name of the Atlanta Negro League team.

  2. keith says:

    Thanks y’all for the warm greetings! Its an honor to be apart of the premier blog in the state of Georgia. I know I’ll feel at home here

  3. keith says:

    Bob, despite his votes for the Healthcare Bill, Cap & Trade & other big ticket democratic items, & in addition to the scholarship scandal that his wife didn’t handle well, I still voted for Sanford Dixon Bishop.


    I couldn’t ignore all the great things he has done of tried to do to fix this heavily agricultural district, from his staunch support of Ft Benning to supporting small family farms, etc.

    I know where his heart is & he has been a great statesman for Georgia, something we don’t see anymore

  4. Ron Daniels says:

    Welcome aboard, Keith. Hopefully we’ll have another road show in the Middle Georgia area soon, as we now – ahem – have more than one contributor from the part of the state I like to call “Georgia.”

  5. GabrielSterling says:

    Hey Keith, welcome aboard. Didn’t we have a little bet going on some state house races from November 2?

  6. mountainvoter says:

    Keith, you are a Republican and don’t even know it. Use the Ben Franklin T and list all of the Dem positions on the left and all of the Rep positions on the right and you will see yourself, as self-described, mostly on the right. Join us Republicans where you can make a difference and help us hold all of the newly elected Republicans’ feet to the fire!

  7. Gerald says:

    My position is that it is better to be nonpartisan, or independent. However, if you absolutely positively must pick a party, it is better to align with the one that fits your political beliefs.

    “a balance budget amendment, the elimination of all abortions, the dismantling of affirmative action, welfare programs that have kept a certain segment of the popultaion down on its knees” … why support a party that is dead set against all those things? They will just take your vote and ignore you not only on the statewide level, but on the national level also. I go on the liberal sites, Huffington Post, DemocraticUnderground and all that, and those folks hate guys like you worse than they hate the other side. They are constantly blaming “conservative Democrats” for all their political and policy failures. “If it wasn’t for those southern yellow dog neo-segregationist Dixiecrats selling us out at every turn, we would have had single payer healthcare, global warming legislation, gay marriage, an open border with Mexico, and we could break up (or nationalize) the big banks, the oil companies, and force the auto companies to only manufacture electric subcompact cars!”

    The truth is that you are actually more conservative than a great deal of the frauds in the GOP, who campaign far to the right than they actually are, and then get in office and become RINOs. You see that every year when the allegedly “pro-life” folks in the Georgia legislature either bottle up or vote down anything that would actually restrict abortion or lay the groundwork for the eventual overturn of Roe v. Wade.

    You’d get a lot farther as a tea party GOPer than as a disenfranchised, despised Democrat. Look at Allen West in Florida (a “black redneck” if there was ever one). He wouldn’t even get elected dogcatcher as a Democrat, but as a GOPer, he is in Congress. Think about it. Guys like you are better off pushing the frauds in the GOP who get into office to line their own pockets (a HUGE problem in Georgia) to the right – and to some semblance of open, honest, ethical and competent governance – than you are being ignored as Democrats.

  8. keith says:

    The way my rural democrats are leaving the party: Greene, Powell, Hanner & possibly more ,it sjust a matter of how long do I try to stick it out, especially with county elections down here set to begin next year which are partisan by the way.

    Its getting lonely for a conservative dem nowadays.

    • Gerald says:

      It as just as lonely to be a conservative Republican. (By that I mean a Republican who is actually a conservative as opposed to merely claiming to be conservative in order to be elected.) Look at Jim DeMint claiming that “we can cut hundreds of billions from the federal budget annually just by eliminating waste” (which means by not touching MediCare or Social Security). And DeMint was allegedly a tea party leader. These guys are bashing the deficit commission already, and instead are forcing on earmarks. Whoopee!

      Try being an actual fiscal conservative who opposes the GOP’s “tax cut and spend” economics, or their crony capitalism tendencies. Or an actual social conservative who wants to overturn (or at least severely limit) Roe v. Wade and pass a constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage. And try being an “America first” conservative who questions globalism (where American companies no longer need to rely on American workers or consumers to turn a huge profit, and can actually make big bucks by debasing and undermining American culture). Then you will see what life is like in the GOP for guys like Ron Paul and Tom Coburn.

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