I’m Now On Twitter #WhoCares?

Yes, this signifies as a slow start to a slow Monday.   But, I’ve finally succumbed to the Twitter.   You can find me there, like Facebook, under the name IcarusPundit.   Here, I’ll be Charlie going forward.

A couple of quick housekeeping items:

Pye is on a fishing trip this week.   Clint is on a longer one.  Others, including myself, have short work weeks combined with some light travel.  Then, we all have a holiday weekend.    Real news will likely be few and far between, but we’ll post what we can find when we can.   

In the mean time, the contributors who are around will have a bit more leeway than usual to post non-Georgia Political material.  We’ll see how that goes.

We’ve still got a couple of new contributors who should be showing up any time.   Our current roster should be complete by next week.

As for anything  else, OPEN THREAD:


  1. John Konop says:

    We are facing massive shortfalls in the budget next year, high unemployment, drop-out rate out of control…….and this is what we are working on?

    AJC…..At the state Capitol, we are on the verge of yet another culture war over our state flag. Early this month, while they were emasculating Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in Macon, Senate Republicans took a spare moment to declare that all members of that chamber will be required to recite a daily pledge of allegiance to the Georgia flag.

    The author of the proposal, state Sen. Jeff Mullis, R-Chickamauga, said he had no intention of igniting a debate over state sovereignty. But inside and outside the Senate, those who would like to see the federal government shrink to its 19th-century waistline will certainly see it as a sign of favor……


    • drjay says:

      on a related note, google down in ga after being overwhelmed by state senate staffers looking for the text of the pledge to the ga state flag….

  2. Three Jack says:

    check out the pay raises being given to government bureaucrats as they transition to deal’s lobbyist filled administration — http://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-politics-elections/perdue-staff-climb-pay-748031.html

    why are these folks getting raises when they are already over-compensated and have no chance to earn their current salaries in the private sector?

    keep it up gop….2012 will be the time for ga dems to start re-gaining traction if you “fiscal conservatives” keep spending money like drunken lobbyists.

  3. “Who cares?”


    A balance has been restored in the universe. Granted, it was a small balance, but nonetheless, it counts.

    I think it would be a great marketing idea if Peach Pundit tweeted when new posts go up, which is why I pestered Charlie. The fact that I enjoy pestering Charlie is completely unrelated. Really. Honest.

  4. Thank you, Strother Martin.

    Actually, what we had was a failure of my Tweetdeck software (which is still in failure mode and has been replaced with something else I’m auditioning). I do hereby render my sincere apologies.

    Since this is an OPEN THREAD, suggestions – strictly regarding twitter software are appreciated.

    The tweets were there all along.

  5. chefdavid says:

    I just read @ http://news.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_189029.asp
    that Walker County is getting 15 million dollars in Recovery Zone Bonds to build a private 150 room hotel and conference center on top of Lookout mountain.
    from the article:
    “Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskell said, “First and foremost, we want to thank Gov. Sonny Perdue and Sen. Jeff Mullis for believing in us and helping make this a reality for Walker County.”

    FYI Canyon Ridge is a privated gated golf & country club community.

    I just was wondering is this normal thing for the state to do something like this?

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