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And Dawgs back Jack. Congressman Kingston’s PowerPoint presentation, published by the Wall Street Journal and presented to the Republican Steering Committee offers a good look at what is to come if he (hopefully) wins the Chairmanship of the House Appropriations Committee.

Now, I am not an economic expert, and make no claim to be. However, many of the solutions and ideas presented strike me as being thought out and heading in a pragmatic direction of thoughtful cuts, which are the best kind of cuts. Of particular interest are the actual numbers on how many defunct programs were budgeted huge sums of money; totaling well over $5 billion in just the examples listed. This is all worth taking a look at for your own education and even more so because Congressman Kingston is a Georgian. I’m pulling for him; what do y’all think?

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  1. Goldwater Conservative says:


    I can not tell you enough how much it means to me to see you state, flat out, that you are not an expert on this and claim not to be. Too often individuals are so obsessed with towing the party line that they forget what they do not know in exchange for reciting “facts” with no evidence to back up the claim.

    There are several good ideas that Kingston tucked into this PPP, but there is a bit of plagiarizing as well as some asymmetries of information he is taking advantage of. Most notably the entries at the top of several slides showing national debt projections as percentages of GDP. The appropriate measure to use is not the total federal deficit as a percentage of GDP, which no policy expert or economist really cares about, rather the annual deficit as a percentage of GDP is of particular concern.

    The $5billion plus that Kingston is campaigning about that was appropriated for terminated or expired programs is the most misleading “fact” he puked into this presentation. Go to the Federal Assistance Award Data System (FAADS) and fact check if you wish. FAADS is essentially a database of all receipts for federal disbursements for non-clandestine government operations. You will notice that while there are occasionally $4billion appropriated for a NASA project, and $28million for widgets from ACME, or whatever, this money is not spent. All Congressman Kingston is doing is making the budget look smaller by redacting programs that are being docketed to receive money, but not.

    I like Kingston. Always have. This is political campaigning at its best and he is being the establishment Republican seeking the most powerful chairmanship in the House. I can not blame him…I would probably do much worse. All in all, however, a smart high school student could find these programs that are given line items in the budget and never given the check over a weekend.

    Unfortunately, News Corp will not publish any of this information. Not tomorrow, not next week, probably never. At least not until the Democrats take the House back and they need something to smear nominees to the Appropriations Committee Chair.

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