It’s 10AM–Time for an Open Thread!

Possible items for discussion: which Georgia college football teams had winning seasons… How UGA is not one of those… etc.


  1. Lawton Sack says:

    The Georgia Southern University Eagles are in the second round of the FCS Playoffs and stand at 8-4. They are coached by Jeff Monken, who is in his first year. He came from Paul Johnson’s coaching staff at Georgia Tech and re-instituted the option at GSU.

      • DTK says:

        Actually, I think the unwritten rule is that the school with the most national championships in football gets first dibs on any abbreviations.

        When Georgia State gets to six titles, we’ll have the conversation on who should claim “GSU”.

  2. Brandon says:

    Or we could post about how Tech has the same record as UGA and has beaten the Dawgs once in the last ten years. I like that topic.

    • B Balz says:

      John, this case has been on my mind. Here’s why.

      The AJC is currently listing two unrelated stories:

      “More DeKalb County news »

      * Lithonia selects new top cop
      * Man gets 2 years for killing dog
      * Missing man found safe
      * Wounded deputy improving
      * 30 days for killing 6-year-old”

      The details of the last story follow:

      I find it incredible that the family of six year old Suk Maya, a little Nepalese girl only in the US 12 days, sees that our Courts gave a man two years for killing a dog, and another man 30 days for killing their daughter.

      Very weird juxtaposition of legal stories.

      • MouthoftheSouth says:

        You don’t see the difference? Seriously? The dog killer intended the act and consequence and the other guy didn’t. Different level of mens rea. Look at it this way, an auto workers who works on school buses goes on break and misses inspection of one school buses breaks. 6 months later 20 children die in a wreck linked to those brakes. He “killed” 20 children – what should his punishment be? Death penalty?

        Criminal law cannot make the victim whole, it focuses, intentionally, on the defendant. And you cannot link punishment merely to severity of results or the punishment does not act properly as a deterrent because intentional actions are deterred by prison time, but negligent ones are not.

        Don’t like that argument? How about the most widely found indicator of someone becoming a serial killer is animal cruelty. Based on that, who is more potentially dangerous to society, the other rationale for imprisonment – the drunk driver or the dog killer?

        Who would you rather your daughter date?

        • John Konop says:


          ……How about the most widely found indicator of someone becoming a serial killer is animal cruelty……

          If I follow your logic than you would want anyone who does not graduate from high school put in prison since the majority of people in prison are drop-outs. You are advocating a very dangerous slippery slope.

        • B Balz says:


          Your points are legally well founded as I am sure your are a learned lawyer. My point was a weird juxtaposition of two unrelated events, without putting a value judgment on it.

          I see the difference, I wonder if the Nepalese family does?

  3. View from Brookhaven says:

    The US just lost out on the 2022 World Cup to a country smaller than Connecticut and a population similar to San Antonio.

    No WC games in Atlanta makes me sad. 🙁

    Qatar has plenty of money to pull it off, but the logistical issues are absurd.

    Damn you FIFA!

  4. John, you’re spot on. On the same day this story comes out, we have a guy who illegally passed a MARTA bus killing a little girl and he gets 6 months. Poisoning dogs is bad, but this is a civil matter – not criminal.

  5. ZazaPachulia says:

    A quick shout out to linebacker Dmitri Holmes (my cousin) and the 11-0 Albany State Rams, who take on Delta State this weekend in the D-II quarterfinals. Go Rams!

  6. Three Jack says:

    make current tax rates semi-permanent until major overhaul of the tax system can be accomplished.

    cut 20% of the federal workforce while ending all federal employee unions.

    introduce opt-out provision to allow anybody currently forced into the bankrupt social security/medicare system an opportunity to choose a private alternative. offer everybody a percentage of their career contributions as an incentive to opt-out and provide startup funding for whatever private sector program they choose.

    continue unemployment funding but only if program similar to ga works is implemented as part of the bill.

    get those things done and congress can take next year off.

  7. PegM says:

    Not only did that jerk poison a helpless animal, it matches his record against humans with numerous assaults. The two few years he got, will at least protect the citizenry from his sadism for a little while.

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