Senate leadership not done with Cagle

Senate President Pro-Tem Tommie Williams tried to sneak one in yesterday:

Late Monday morning, as the Senate was about to convene, a housekeeping measure was introduced for unanimous consent. Included in the legislation was a slight modification of the Senate rules.

It would have made Senate President pro tem Tommie Williams, R-Lyons, automatic chairman of the chamber’s Committee on Administrative Affairs, which holds the Senate’s purse strings. Right now, the chamber’s fiscal affairs are controlled by Cagle.

The language would also have allowed Williams to deal directly with House Speaker David Ralston on certain matters. The formation of some committees – we’re not sure whether conference committees were included.

In essence, it was an attempt to complete the coup against Cagle that was launched in November.

Cagle’s people caught the language. Word quickly spread, and the matter was withdrawn – though discussion continued. Apparently many people were taken by surprise, including some members of the ruling Committee of Assignments – all of whom met with the lieutenant governor at 2 p.m.

Expletives were uttered by people who usually don’t.

Part of what I’m hearing about all this is that conservatives in the Senate want to make marginalize Cagle because they don’t view him as a someone that shares their principles. It’s a point well taken, but there is a lot of inconsistency there. Voters don’t care about the inside baseball that we write about here on a nearly day-to-day basis. Georgia Republicans have benefited from national discontent and a completely dysfunctional state Democratic Party and now have significant advantages in both chambers of the General Assembly. But what they are going to hear about this on the news is going to make Cagle look like the victim, while Senate leadership continues to defend a state senator, who happens chair the Senate Banking Committee, that is currently being sued for gross negligence for his role in a failed bank.

I’m not a fan of Cagle, but you guys have managed to make him look like a brilliant politician.


  1. I get it that Casey Cagle is not the most beloved man in the State.

    But Jesus H. Christ! Tommie Williams? That’s who Republicans want to hitch their wagon to? Tommie Williams? Really?

    I’d rather hitch my wagon to the exhumed corpse of George Carlin.

  2. Tiberius says:

    If this week has shown anything, Casey’s strategy should be to wait the others out. Wait out Tommie Williams, Brian Cowsert and Chip Rogers.

    They have demonstrated they are the not the proteges of LBJ here. Does anyone think they can maintain pwer for more than2 or 3 years? Legislative power is an ever-fluctuating thing–the other members will get tired of a controlling leadership and Casy can chip awaty 1 member at a time.

  3. Nugget says:

    Tommie Williams is an arrogant moron. If members of the Senate really want him in charge…well, that speaks volumes about the intelligence of Senators. As for Chip Rogers…the most dangerous man in state government. Grover says jump and Chip asks, “how high?”. He, like the Senator he supports… Jack Murphy, has decided it is better to walk away from a financial obligation and leave taxpayers with the bill – rather than honor his obligations. Yes, these two are hungry to feed their egos with power. One man wanting a statewide job he could not manage to be elected on his own and another man not the least bit interested in doing his current elected job – but rather, trying to look good for his next elected post. Can this state not do better?

  4. FlyOnWall says:

    The fact that Jack Murphy is still coining bank laws demonstrates Williams and Rogers are not up the job of managing the Senate. Just as every house member faced questions at home over, ‘How can you support such a fool as Glenn Richardson?”, the Jack Murphy banking circus will require every senator to publicly defend their loyalty to Williams and Washington lobbyist Rogers.

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