A Little Light Maintenance

Just moving things around on the server this evening. Let me know here if you run into any problems with the site.


  1. Calypso says:

    Clayton, while you’ve got the ladder out, would you please replace the incandescent bulbs in the lobby with CFLs?



      • Calypso says:

        If you’re moving from incandescent to another technology, LED may be of some cost savings benefit, though payback is down the road quite a piece due to the current high cost of LEDs.

        Go read the about the very little energy savings between CFL and LED. If you you’ve already changed to CFL and want to go to LED, you’ll be be really, really old before you see a payback.

        • Yep, but you had said replace the incandescents. I’m currently in the process of renovating our horse farm (it was a foreclosure) so I’m having to buy new bulbs in the first place… not even replacing any. For the bathroom in the barn, I bought 4 LED bulbs at $12 a piece. Those 4 bulbs use 5 watts each for a total of 20 watts. That’s 20 watts an hour. Had I gone with even just two 60 watt incandescents, I’d be using 120 watts an hour. So I’m saving 100 watts an hour for a room whose lights are on probably an average of 2 hours a day. 200 watts * 365 = 73 kwh I’m saving per year. At 10 cents per watt, that’s $7.30 a year or 6.5 years for payback.

          I also have two 16 watt bulbs as security lights outside that I think I paid $40 a piece for or so. They come on at dusk and go off at daylight. I’d guess year-round they’re on an average of what, 10 hours a night? I’d compare them to 75 watt bulbs as far as light output. So if I save 118 watts * 10 * 365 = 430,700 watt hours = 430.7 kwh per year at 10 cents per kwh that’s $43.07 I save every year in electricity for just that fixture, resulting in a roughly 2 year payback period.

          As an environmentalist libertarian though, I believe it’s up to each of us to do our part to conserve energy. I like to think that the more LED bulbs I buy, the more it creates a market for them and encourages companies like Phillips to make these types of bulbs. Eventually the prices will decrease and I’ll be able to buy them for not much more than I would currently spend on a CFL or incandescent.

            • Calypso says:

              I will be building a house within 10 years. I truly hope that LEDs will be the standard by that time and will use them throughout. I’m also going to put in a direct-exchange geothermal heatpump for heat and air-conditioning. I may also have it set up to heat (or maybe pre-heat) our water.

              The DX heatpumps are pricey, but it will be my last home (with the exception of the nursing home, perhaps) and my energy costs will be a small fraction of what I’m paying now in my in-efficient home.

  2. Ken says:

    We’ll know LEDs have made it into the mainstream when a game warden makes the first arrest of someone deer shining using an LED light.

  3. Calypso says:

    With China supplying 95% of the rare earth metals needed in the production of CFLs and batteries for hybrid cars, it sure looks like they have us by the short hairs.

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