Uphold Liberty and the blogroll

I’ve added Uphold Liberty, a blog maintained by Paulding County’s Ron Davis, to our blogroll.

We haven’t updated that in a long time. So if you want your blog added or know of one we missed, please leave a note in the comments.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Someone needs to review the blogroll – last time I played in that column, some were gone & some had not posted in 30+ days……

  2. L. Max Lehmann says:

    I enjoy the writings @ nolabels.org. Recently, Bloomberg’s Ezra Klein gave nolabels.org a laudable rating:


    As the electorate begins to awake from it’s 30 year sleep, we will hear more voices clamoring for working solutions to issues of national importance, instead of downgrades, filibusters, and poor compromises.

    Best Holiday wishes and hopes for a great 2012!

  3. Northern Northwest Georgia is woefully underrepresented on your list, probably because there isn’t much up here to link to. You might carefully consider adding The LaFayette Underground to your list, we cover city, county, and occasionally some regional issues. I know the argument against anonymous blogging, but the atmosphere of fighting anyone who speaks their mind is why so few people up here are doing anything. http://www.cityoflafayettega.com . We try to update at least once a week, in October we were doing three posts a week, in December not so much.

    — LU

  4. chefdavid says:

    Of course in the State of Dade we have dadeinfo.com . I am planning to change it over to a wordpress format soon. I want to make sure I keep all the conversations with the switch. We mostly talk Dade things and try to keep a close eye on our State Legisltive delegation.

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