The Peach Pundit Daily -Administrative Note

This morning’s Peach Pundit Daily included this: 

“New Look For AJC: That is so last week. The new is much cooler. Clean lines, minimal ads and easier to navigate. It’s free until May -and then will require a subscription. So, maybe you would subscribe now?”

The item prompted a few emails about whether or not Peach Pundit is being compensated in any way by the AJC. The answer is no, we are not, we just liked their new site and thought our readers might want to subscribe. Thought it was obvious, but probably should have disclosed. Sorry for any confusion.

(You can always sign up for the Peach Pundit Daily here, though.)


  1. I am going to threadjack slightly here. Charlie and the gang put a LOT of effort into this site for negative pay. Their efforts are appreciated by some, others not so much. They receive very few thank yous (and occasionally a beer and some Brunswick stew) and a lot of flack in return. They could put up ads all over the site, the emails, etc. They could charge for access. Peach Pundit could be sold for a nice chunk of change. They choose not to, though. Instead they provide an open forum to allow people the opportunity to discuss what is going on. Charlie joked about it the other day, but Peach Pundit is truly a main source of information of what is happening in Georgia politics.

    So, thank you to Charlie and the gang.

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