Children’s Healthcare Position Statement On Medical Cannabis

With the issue of Medical Marijuana a surprise hot topic for viable legislation this year, there are a lot of people getting up to speed on what this is and isn’t.  As such, we pass along for informational purposes the position of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  They are frankly going to be treating a majority of the patients this bill will affect, and as such, their opinion matters “a bit”.

At present, there has not been enough evidence-based research around the use of CBD studying its safety and tolerability in children with seizure disorders and thus should not be used generally. However, we are in support of legislation that would allow clinical research by academic institutions to further investigate this compound for the treatment of intractable seizures in children. At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta we see more than 300 kids with intractable seizures. We are supportive of an oral, oil-based derivative of CBD being made available in Georgia only if the following measures are in place to protect patient safety:

·         It is available only as part of an Institutional Review Board-approved clinical study.

·         There is sufficient control of the manufacture and distribution of the product by the State.

·         Measures of safety and effectiveness are established.


  1. saltycracker says:

    As one in favor of the legalization, control, taxation and classification of cannabis as a health issue, Children’s Hospital is one organization due a front seat in how we proceed and/or distribute tax monies. They are a special non-profit.

  2. Scott65 says:

    If any of you haven’t seen the CNN special with Dr Gupta…you should. A cannabis plant (thats low in thc…which is what gets you high) was shown to be just short of miraculous for a toddler who went from 50 seizures a day to almost none in a month. If thats not evidence enough I dont know what is

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