National Review Reporter: Nunn Campaign Sloppy

The reporter who broke the story of the Michelle Nunn fundraiser that was co-hosted by an ex-felon and former Black Panther says the campaign made a sloppy mistake.

“It certainly indicates an extreme degree of sloppiness from her and her campaign,” said Eleana Johnson of the National Review. “Ultimately, the buck stops with her.”

Johnson made her comments on Friday morning’s Michael Graham Show on NewsRadio 1067.

As Peach Pundit mentioned Friday morning, Virtual Murrell was convicted in 1994 on bribery charges. He was also an early member of the Black Panther organization back in the 1960s.

Johnson says she doesn’t believe Nunn herself knew about Murrell’s criminal background or his previous statements about America’s “racist, ethnocentric, imperialistic” government.

“I don’t believe if she had known that he was an ex-felon that she would have sent out fliers advertising that he was a co-host of her fundraiser,” Johnson said.