Holly LaBerge’s Lawyers Raise Money for Jason Carter

Holly LaBerge claims Governor Nathan Deal’s staff and lawyer pressured the State Ethics Commissions. You have to hand it to the Democrats. This has been a very well coordinated roll out of accusations against the Governor and much of the response from the Attorney General and the Governor’s team has been muted due to legal ethics rules. The Attorney General, in particular, represented the State Ethics Commission and Holly LaBerge in her official capacity. So Sam Olens can’t say much.

We now have some data pointing to just how coordinated the LaBerge complaints are. Her lawyers are holding a fundraiser for Jason Carter at their office. LaBerge is represented by A. Lee Parks and his law firm, Parks, Chesin & Walbert P.C., is holding a fundraiser for Jason Carter on Monday, July 28th.

You can see the invitation here.


  1. Flowers says:

    I applaud your spin. This might be interesting if, in fact, Carter wasn’t an attorney and he wasn’t fundraising with many law firms.

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Quite the smoking gun…lawyers raising money from other lawyers! Say it’s not so.

    The Deal story, in fact is playing out now not because the Democrats are brilliant…it’s because Deal’s an idiot and fought the investigations and nickel n’dimed the fine with a side of “chicago style politics”. If he’d paid something close to the $70K and not just $3300 and change maybe this would be well past him and there’d be nothing to talk about…

  3. Bull Moose says:

    There is no story here. As you will note, her attorney isn’t even the one hosting the event, but rather it is being held at his firm.

    • Res Ipsa says:

      Yeah, because a named partner obviously has no say in the social functions held at the firm’s office…

  4. tribeca says:

    “I don’t always grasp at straws, but when I do, I make sure it will fill air time on my radio show.”

  5. Corvid says:

    What if Mr. Parks approached Ms. LaBerge and offered to help protect her?

    Very convenient way to pick up a high-profile case AND help your chosen candidate.

    Mr. Parks is a smart man. He knows how to play the game – and this one is a 2-fer: Deal & Olens.

    This exercise is all about the money – money for LaBerge, money for Carter & eventually money for Parks.

    • Harry says:

      Yes, and if this is about ethics, would LaBerge not be ethically bound to release Oleans from their previous attorney-client privilege thus allowing Oleans to defend his office from assertions made by her and others?

    • Will Durant says:

      Lawyers are all about the money? I’m shocked I tell you, just shocked.

      There is no “what if” that Governor Deal’s Chief of Staff Chris Riley met privately with Ms. LaBerge several times during the course of the commission’s investigation, it is a matter of record. This was of course after she replaced Ms. Kalberman who was forced out with a threat of a 30% cut in salary while Ms. LaBerge received a couple of hefty increases in salary after the wrist slap fines. Now Ms. LaBerge sees herself being thrown under the bus and you think she had to wait to be approached by Mr. Parks to decide that the Atty. General may not be looking out for her best interests? Just shocking how dastardly those danged Democrat lawyers can be ain’t it?

  6. debbie0040 says:

    The issue is finding out the truth and investigating. An independent investigation should be done with a Republican like Mike Bowers and a Democrat in charge of it. If the allegations are proven true, Democrats did not use Jedi mind tricks to cause Chris Riley and Ryan Teague to reach out to Holly LeBerge nor caused Sam Olens to with hold evidence. Gov. Deal and his associates have very loudly and forcefully proclaimed their innocence. An independent investigation would completely exonerate them if true.

    We should be seeking the truth, not trying to deflect blame.

  7. Dave Bearse says:

    “This has been a very well coordinated roll out of accusations against the Governor…”

    Took what, all of a week to be transform into a conspiracy theory?

    Stick with Benghazi where GOP patriots know, God-willing, that there’s ironclad proof of the conspiracy Kenyan Muslim Obama. Feckless Georgia Dems conspiring with the staff of the GOP’s own underfunded, toothless, dysfunctional state ethics commission in its adjudication of state ethics complaints of a GOP Governor with a prior history of ethics concerns in the US Congress, in a state wholly controlled by the GOP, won’t play even in the bubble.

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