1. Three Jack says:

    Swing…and a miss. Almost as bad as BJ whiffing on a fastball.

    Maybe the next ad will be the one where she actually addresses an issue, any issue. Say like maybe answering the question about her position on ObamaRobertsCare.

  2. tribeca says:

    The reaction from salty and Three Jack seems to be: “Nunn’s ad is bad because I’m a Republican and think its bad.”

    Does it talk about a substantive issue? No, but when’s the last time a campaign ad talked about anything substantive? I don’t think Mr. Denim Tuxedo has put out any issue focused ads that go beyond bumper sticker pablum. I thought the ad was good, because it did two things well:
    (1) It undercuts Perdue’s insipid notion that the “real world” is limited to large, for-profit businesses and you can only gain valuable leadership experience by leading a large, for-profit corporation; and (2) It hammers Perdue the same way Romney was hammered, by painting what were likely smart corporate decisions (off-shoring, layoffs, bankruptcy filings, etc.) as an indifference to ‘murican jobs and the well-being of honest, hard-workin’ folk in the ole U-S-of-A.

    • Three Jack says:


      The ad is regurgitated crap from the GOP primary. It offers nothing new about Perdue or Nunn, just another wasted 30 seconds of time.

      My reaction has nothing to do with being Republican because I am not Republican. It has to do with the fact that neither candidate is offering GA voters anything beyond ‘he/she sux worse than i do’. If Michelle Nunn wishes to attract votes from those like myself, then she best get about addressing issues which seems to be a big issue for her. Being Sam’s daughter will only get her so far.

  3. George Chidi says:

    It’s a 30-second TV spot. It’s going to be light on detail and shallow. But the substance is actually there.

    Perdue’s Pillowtex stuff is deadly. Kannapolis, today, is comparatively a ghost town. The loss of Pillowtex basically destroyed the entire county. That county looks an awful lot like middle Georgia, filled with formerly-working-class white people who had their livelihoods destroyed by international competition and outsourcing — exactly the stuff that made Perdue a multi-millionaire and an ally to business.

    Nunn might be able to walk the fine line, articulating a third way between an Elizabeth Warren-esque assault on capital that’s likely to turn off persuadable moderates and a just-left-of-Perdue stance that makes her position difficult to distinguish from his.

    But there will be plenty of white, rural Georgians of limited education who work in globalized industries, who will look at the Pillowtex case and think that there, but for the grace of God, go I. The economically correct answers for what occurred at Pillowtex, for Perdue, also happen to be both callous and complicated. He preserved capital for his shareholders. The workers were doomed. Creative solutions were risky, and he’s not a risk-taker. Good luck selling that.

  4. kolt473 says:

    OF course MS. Nunn going after deal fir st making 300k off of her non-profit and laying off 90 people, then that donation to HAMAS, neither Nunn or Carter deserve the senate, or the gov mansion.

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