Nunn Accepts Five Debate Invititations

Georgia U.S. Senate hopefuls Michelle Nunn and David Perdue may appear in as many as five debates between now and election day.

Nunn, a Democrat, announced on Tuesday that she has accepted invitations from various organizations around the state.

Perdue and Nunn have already met each other once on stage, two weeks ago at a congressional luncheon held in Macon.

Emory political scientist Merle Black told NewsRadio 106.7 that Nunn put in a better performance than Perdue.

“You’d think Perdue would’ve had a slight experience advantage,” Black says, noting Perdue debated several other GOP contenders during a crowded Republican primary. “But in that first encounter, Nunn turned the tables on him. What we’ll have to see if whether Perdue learns from that experience.”


  1. Three Jack says:

    She better hurry up and figure out what she stands for beyond all the kumbayah crap she has put forth so far.

    Perdue also needs to figure out something beyond ‘I’m agin it if Obama is fer it’.

    Should be an interesting series of debates to see if either candidate gets beyond party soundbites to actually offer new ideas designed to address old issues.

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