Governor Deal and Beer

Earlier today I interviewed Governor Deal. I asked him about S.B. 63, the legislation by State Senator Hunter Hill reforming beer laws in Georgia.

In particular, I asked Governor Deal how voters could be assured the legislation will get a fair shake when the Governor and Lt. Governor are the two biggest recipients of money from the Georgia Beer Wholesaler Association in 2014.

You can hear his answer below. The long and short of it is that he has no position on SB63 presently, but when he was in the state legislature he supported the same reforms for wineries and does not see how the brewery reforms are different.


  1. Harry says:

    The beer distributors don’t need legislative favors. They built their fortunes on dead brain cells, liver/kidney disease, broken homes.

  2. saltycracker says:

    I’m for choice and distributors are all about limiting my choices. Particularly when it is something enjoyed and appreciated since the early monks made wine, beer and cider. Tradition !

  3. Will Durant says:

    As long as the quantities are at short term personal consumption levels I seriously doubt the distributors will feel it a bit.

    If I could have taken home a sack of suds in the good old days at Busch Gardens I would have ended up moving to Tampa.

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