Congressman Doug Collins On The 9th District “Great Lakes”

Congressman Doug Collins viewing plans for Lake Lanier’s Olympic Venue

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA-09) sent out a newsletter discussing Lake Lanier and its economic impact to both Hall County and Georgia’s ninth district. He cites that Lake Lanier draws over 8 million people and adds $300 million to the Hall County economy. Congressman Collins goes on to talk about the creation of the Army Corp of Engineers caucus in Congress:

Not only do we have a piece of Georgia’s Olympic history, where rowing teams from around the world practice and compete, Northeast Georgia is also home to the country’s second largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi River — Lake Hartwell. I was recently there too, learning more about the vibrant lake economy that the Ninth District shares with neighboring South Carolina.

Across our district, local governments work with the Army Corps of Engineers, which helped to create these valuable resources, to preserve and improve them. In Congress, I launched the Army Corps of Engineers Caucus to increase the agency’s responsiveness and efficiency, so that it may better serve new arrivals, who visit Northeast Georgia for its natural beauty and stay for its residents’ warmth and hospitality.

I’m glad to see that Congressman Collins is working to better relations and increase communications of needs between constituents and government agencies, like the Army Corp of Engineers. A lot of times we get caught up in the red meat issues and enjoy casting aspersions towards government agencies, but sometimes it’s good to see our elected representatives work to enhance relationships for better responsiveness from those government agencies.

Sometimes good governance is working together on the seemingly mundane (i.e., why does someone in the 14th district care about lakes in the 9th district?) issues to the average voter to build better relationships….and then working to solve the tougher challenges that both our state and nation faces.

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  1. Rick Day says:

    Dang, Nathan, why don’t you and Rev. Collins just get a room? He is my congress critter and I keep up with him. Fortunately, he is not allowed to do much.

    See him there with his hands in his pockets? His handlers tell him to keep them there so he won’t break anything. He has not done squat for this district, other than embarrass us over his Obama Crush.

    That pose reminds me of a PNK propaganda photo.

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