Are Mike Pence’s RFRA Blues a Peach State Warning?

An Indiana poll commissioned by the CEO of Angie’s List suggests the Hoosier state’s version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has caused Mike Pence quite a headache and may throw a wrench in his reelection plans. The poll, conducted by a Republican pollster, shows that 54% of those surveyed would vote to oust Governor Pence.  His favorability rating sunk to 34%, dipping an additional 6 points since they took an initial nosedive in March after the governor signed RFRA into law.

Pence and Indiana legislators were later forced to back a legislative fix disallowing religious challenges to state and local anti-discrimination laws and ordinances to stave off a growing national boycott of the state. The Indiana amendment specifically disallowed RFRA’s invocation to justify discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Not all of Pence’s woes are RFRA related, however. Polling also shows dissatisfaction with the governor’s education policy. The pollster’s main takeaway was that “even though RFRA is no longer making headlines, it has not been forgotten. This may be one of those situations where a sleeping giant has been kicked and is now wide awake.”

The poll also revealed that a majority of Hoosiers (54 percent) support adding sexual orientation and gender identity to Indiana’s civil rights laws. For comparison, 72% of Georgians supported banning employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in August 2013.


  1. Josh McKoon says:

    Of course Gov. Pence’s numbers are in the tank. The disorienting u-turn on religious freedom legislation that left Hoosiers of faith worse off than when the session began represented a betrayal of the conservative base. So Pence has lost many social conservatives which is why his unfavorables are through the roof. Good grief.

    • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

      According to the numbers given he was at 40% after signing their RFRA. He went to 34% after flip-flopping so by your attribution the “Hoosiers of faith” represent only 6% of the voters. Good grief indeed.

      • John Konop says:

        Josh is a lawyer….may not be very strong in math….or many people blinded in idealolgy spin numbers…..the number one reason a business goes under is the people running it lie to themselves….Josh may want to think about it……But hey he may know and not care…If you look at key issues….Josh plays to the Erick Erickson crowd….Throw in transportation…..Josh is part of the crowd that denies we have funding problem via MPG being used as the main funding source, while it keeps getting materially better…..Basic algebra 1 problem….cars driving on roads do the damage…..the farther they drive more damage…..since the formula of MPG has been in place, it has more than doubled….you do not need to be Georgia Tech graduate to figure out hey we got a problem…While 70 percent of bridges need repaire…..Josh thinks we can find the money out of thin air….While states in NC, Texas….doing better in unemployment rates…..spend almost twice as us via ratio on infastructure….Like this issue, Josh just keeps making up the math….Irronic Erick Erickerson is a lawyer as well….Good circus show….would not trust thier math…

        • TheEiger says:

          Wow, Hope you were drunk when you wrote that. Talk about a circus show.

          Try to stick to one topic. And please just start a new sentence or paragraph instead using………. everywhere. We’ve talked about this.

          • John Konop says:


            I have made no secrete about my dyslexia on this blog and in public. The repeated insults directed at me, really say more about you than me…..Second, calling me “drunk” only is a further put down to Josh….I guess your point is even a drunk guy knows that his math does not add up….Spin away….you have on this blog pointed out the opposition to the transportation bill are wrong….I will not engage in repeated debate with you….obviously you made this very personal….and just make very personal insulting comments every time at me….and disregard facts…even if you know the facts are right….Btw if you spent less time attacking people with special education needs….and focused on your own issues…you would be more successful. The diference between us is I learned except my issues and not feel sorry for myself….One of the reasons I speak out against bullies like you and Josh….As a kid not only did I have dyslexia, but I also had speech issues….so bad I could not even complete a sentence without kids like you making fun of me….It could of filled myself with anger like you and Josh…I get your game by people like you….by attacking my dyslexia, speach….you think that will distract people from the facts…..So Instead I focus on what I can control…now I even speak publically….Even you listen close you can still hear the issue….And people like you and Josh still make nasty comments after I speak…I have never let it stop me….Have fun….keep it up if you want….I can only control what I do….And stand up to bullies like you guys….

            • TheEiger says:

              You are so full of crap John. You can dish it out, but not take it.

              You said, “Josh is a lawyer….may not be very strong in math.” Once again you started the personal attacks. I promise you that if you can make a statement about Josh or RFRA without using a personal attack I will not reply to your post. I promise. But you can’t do it.

              We were doing so good. It was like two weeks without you attacking Josh. Your little obsession with him is more than odd.

              You know good and well I’m not attacking your dyslexia. I’m trying to help you. Write you comments in a word document. Reread it and separate it into paragraphs.

              Good day sir. Until the next time you attack someone.

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