There’s a candidate to replace Mike Jacobs you may not have heard about.

His name is Loren Collins, and he is the Republican in the race for House District 80 that is neither J. Max Davis or Catherine Bernard. And that’s a good thing. He may not make the inevitable runoff, but he’s cut a youtube ad. Check it out below:



  1. Loren has been a reader of Peach Pundit for many years.

    This race is an interesting one because you have four very different candidates. There’s no “me too” going on in this race.

    • Not sure what race you’re thinking of, but no. This election is the first time I’ve appeared on a ballot, and I’ve never identified as a Democrat.

      I did run as a write-in against Hank Johnson in the 2006 general election, but that consisted of little more than getting to participate in the candidate forums.

      One of my biggest disappointments about the current race is that it hasn’t had more public forums of that sort; there were only two, one hosted by a townhouse association and the other, last night at St. David’s Episcopal, being attended only by myself and Taylor Bennett, the Democrat in the race.

  2. DBB says:

    NASA, vaccines, Jurassic Park… Did this guy come to us straight from a Reddit circle jerk? Up next are campaign memes supporting Rand Paul OR Bernie Sanders.

    • I had planned for my next video to be on ethics reform, and it would have covered some of the issues raised by the Center for Public Integrity in giving Georgia an ‘F’ rating in 2012 (, which were not already addressed in the 2013 ethics reform package. For instance, the 2013 reforms capped lobbyist gifts at $75 apiece, but didn’t limit the number or frequency of those $75 gifts. The video after that would have likely been on education, and would have discussed the number of failing schools in DeKalb and Fulton, and why I believe Davis’ quad-city school district is an ill-conceived and internally inconsistent proposal.

      Unfortunately, writing, filming, and editing videos can be a little time-consuming, especially when you’re doing all those jobs yourself. (Note how the other candidates haven’t bothered with videos at all, and they have actual campaign staff.) I could theoretically pull a late night tonight putting together a new issues video, but at this point it’s assuredly too late to be worth the trouble.

      I did, however, make a couple of videos prior to this one, the first of which was simply an introductory video: . And even if the introduction and science videos don’t tackle specific issues, I believe they do provide information that informs voters how I approach subjects generally, with an eye towards critical thinking and evidence-based analysis of the merits. And as a result of that approach, I don’t toe the line of any particular group.

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