Who do you believe is most likely to tell the truth among Democrats?

One of our commenters in this morning’s story about a recent Fox News poll made the remark, “I’m curious what the numbers would be on the lie/truth question for other candidates. Maybe the next Fox poll will cover that. (Yeah, right.)”

Well, we’re not going to wait on any other media outlet to ask that question. Here is the first of two Peach Pundit polls, asking the question, which presidential candidate do you trust the most, to tell the truth? This first poll is for Democratic candidates. At 2 pm on Friday, a similar poll for GOP candidates will go live. Weigh in and tell us what you think.


  1. FranInAtlanta says:

    Watched a Dem focus group. Was a little surprised that several who view Hillary as not straightforward see it as “crafty” as opposed to “dishonest.” For many of her supporters, she can do no wrong.

  2. jimgilvin says:

    Bernie Sanders is the obvious choice. He’s the only one honest enough to admit he’s a socialist.

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