What Do You Do When No One Wants To Make A Career Ending Move?

You go to a guy whose career is secure and position is safe.

Unable to get a top tier Democrat to challenge Senator Johnny Isakson, Democrats are looking to the Reverend Raphael Warnock, pastor of the historic and politically important Ebenezer Baptist Church, to fill the place on the ballot against Georgia’s senior senator.  Greg Bluestein reports:

Warnock, 46, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he would meet with friends, family and members of his congregation this month and soon make up his mind.

“I’ve been around Atlanta now for 10 years now, advocating for issues,” said Warnock. “The question now for me is should I continue to advocate from the outside or should I consider a venture on the inside?”

Six years ago we coined the Democratic primary in this contest “the race to be the guy that loses to Johnny Isakson”.  Thus far, Warnock seems to have that potential all to himself.