A Democrat Becomes a Republican To Run In Democratic District

From a press release sent to us:

Diane Daniels-Adoma has decided to go against the political trend in her district. As the district steadily becomes more Democrat, she is making a party switch to the Republican camp. Her move has attracted attention from as far away as Washington, D.C., but voters in her own district have expressed doubts that she can muster the funds—and votes—necessary to win in the special election for the seat recently vacated by Ronald Ramsey, Sr.

Senate District 43 includes a portion of much-observed DeKalb County, an entire third of Newton County and the majority of Rockdale County. Ronald Ramsey, a Democrat who assumed the seat in 2007, has assiduously avoided contact with contenders for the seat, going as far as re-locating to another address in the middle of the night. His former address is now occupied by people who have rebuffed repeated inquiries and requests for comment. Ramsey was sworn in to a newly-created non-partisan judgeship in a newly-created Dekalb County traffic court by Governor Nathan Deal on July 30.

Much like her race against current State Representative Dorothea “Dee” Dawkins-Haigler, for the seat representing Georgia House District 91, this race is filled with mystery, posturing and intrigue. Dawkins-Haigler, who is Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Chair and sits on several House committees, is rumored to be interested in the Senate District 43 seat, but has made no announcement concerning the special election to be held in November of this year. Daniels-Adoma was defeated by Dawkins-Haigler in the 2014 Democratic Primary for the House District 91 seat. Dawkins-Haigler was unopposed in the general election.

Other potential candidates for the seat include State Representative Pamela S. Stephenson (District 91), First Vice-Chairman of the Rockdale Democratic Party Stan Williams and Janice Van Ness, who is a business owner, member of the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners and president of the Rockdale Republican party. All of these individuals have declined to respond to requests for comments on this race.

When asked about her party change Daniels-Adoma is direct. “In the race against Dee I was painted as a Republican in Democrat clothing. Upon examining my political stances I realized that my detractors were correct on that one point,” she remarks matter-of-factly. “Half of my friends and family have been Republicans for many years.”

Leo Smith, Director of Minority Engagement for the Georgia Republican party commented, “She has no affiliation with the Republican party.” In August Smith presented Daniels-Adoma to an assembly of the Buckhead Republican Party at the Cross Creek Country Club.

Although she has been recently seen in company of many prominent Republicans around the state, some local Republicans have their reservations about her campaign. “We like Diane, but many in the district have doubts about the ability of a conservative to win this election,” states Charles Chance, a member of the Rockdale Republican Club. “The numbers just aren’t there.”

About Diane Daniels-Adoma

Mrs. Adoma was born in Bainbridge and currently lives in Lithonia. She is a proud graduate of Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. She has an MBA from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis in business management and is currently writing her dissertation entitled: ‘The Correlation between Transformational Leadership Style and Employee Trust’ at Capella University. Diane and her husband are franchise owners of all the H&R Block locations in Rockdale County. Diane has 25 plus years of marketing experience with companies such as Turner Broadcasting Systems, AT&T, Qwest Communications, ING Group, MCI WorldCom and the University of Phoenix. She is also a producer and host of Adoma and Company Radio and is owner of Diane Adoma Consulting, LLC. She is running for Georgia State Senate District 43 seat.

Find out more about Diane Daniels-Adoma at www.dianeforgeorgia.com

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  1. George Chidi says:

    Holy crap.

    Diane Daniels-Adoma isn’t just party switching. As of 33 days ago, the DeKalb Democrats had Adoma listed as the party chairwoman of State Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler’s 91st district … and the lone post holder remaining on the rolls in the district, after everyone else quit … like I did a couple of weeks ago.

    Haigler’s district, which is about as Democratic a seat as it gets, has no remaining Democratic party organization.

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