Wrestler Will Know Today If He’s Legally Qualified To Run For Mayor Of Ringgold

Local wrestler Paul Lee is running for Ringgold mayor after long-time mayor Joe Barger decided against running for re-election.  However, four people, including the current mayor, have raised concern over the residency of Mr. Lee.  Vice Mayor Nick Millwood apparently discovered that Lee resides in Catoosa County, but outside of the city limits of Ringgold.  From Northwest Georgia News:

After a little digging, current vice mayor Nick Millwood, Barger, and other mayoral candidates Tony Hullender and Jerry Payne, are claiming Lee doesn’t meet the qualifications to run for the office because he resides in Catoosa County, but not inside the Ringgold city limits.

Formal challenges have been submitted to the Ringgold elections superintendent and a hearing will be held today to determine Lee’s eligibility.  He does explain his residency situation in the same article:

“I have two residences — one in the city and one in the county,” Lee said. “My city residence I have owned for several years, but have been letting my mother-in-law live in it. But for the last year and a half, my family and I have made it our primary residence while my county home is being updated. …. We’re getting it ready to sell in the spring.”

Literal cage match? Probably not, but certainly a political cage match in a small town here in northwest Georgia.


  1. George Chidi says:

    I spent the weekend in Ringgold. My lovely girlfriend Sara grew up there.

    Ringgold has, perhaps, one political issue worth discussing that’s divisive enough to turn an election: whether to keep the damned flashy electric sign in a little park along Nashville Street or not. Half the town likes it. Half the town loathes it and thinks it’s tacky.

    Bear in mind, standards for tacky vary. Ringgold’s beloved little get-married-RIGHT-NOW chapel might qualify in other parts of the world. It survived a tornado that wiped out half the city businesses a few years ago, so God appears to be cool with it.

    Paul Lee has giant blue campaign signs — PRO WRESTLER AND BUSINESSMAN — with his blonde mug up all over town, generally on land no one is watching very carefully. I strongly suspect no one is taking him all that seriously.

    Lee’s Ringgold city home was transferred to his ownership from his mother in a $0 sale in August of this year. Lee’s voter registration was transferred to that address about a week later.

    He’s hosed. He may know that. It’s probably irrelevant, because we’re talking about him, and for a wrestler, that’s probably the most important thing.

    • Teri says:

      The qualifying fee to run for the mayor’s office in Ringgold is $180. In exchange, you get to post signs with your name (and your face, if you are so inclined) basically anywhere you want. That’s a pretty sweet deal (and it’s certainly not unique to Ringgold).

      It’s telling when a candidate has a lot of signs around town, and most them are placed in the right-of-way or on land that is, as George said, not being watched very carefully.

  2. David says:

    Never a dull moment up here. Meanwhile in nearby Walker the debt continues to rise and Dade will hold a public meeting Thursday at six to discuss putting liquor by the drink on the presidential election ballot. Liqour by the drink and by package are currently not legal there.

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