Chattanooga’s EPB To Offer 10 Gigabit Internet Service

Right across the state line, City of Chattanooga-owned utility EPB will now be offering 10 gigabit per second service, branded as NextNet.  That makes EPB one of the first public utilities in the world to offer 10 gigabit service to customers for only $299 per month.

A video was released as a part of their announcement.


Posted by EPB of Chattanooga on Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Chattanoogan has greater detail about the announcement, but it’s a major feather in the cap of Chattanooga which has been trying to expand beyond its industrial roots by wooing tech start-ups.

The announcement comes only a few months after Comcast announcing their own 2+ gigabit service to the Chattanooga-area and other major metropolitan areas.  EPB has certainly caught the attention of Comcast (the local cable provider) and AT&T.  This affects Georgia as well as some of us are within EPB’s service area.

Full disclosure: I am an EPB Fi customer, but I’m not currently planning on getting the 10 Gbps service.

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  1. Scott65 says:

    I grew up in Chattanooga, and the difference now is hard to believe. Its a wonderful place to raise a family now, and the possibilities seem sky high. Now, can someone explain to Marsha Blackburn that just because Comcast is her biggest contributor she doesn’t have to shaft over the constituents she represents (not CHA…fyi) by trying to keep EPB from expanding. States rights! or was it local control?

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