The Universe’s Best Morning Reads for October 21

I don’t think I am going far enough with my declaration.

“Bands with Managers” by Pedro the Lion.

  1. Georgia’s own Bernard Marcus and John C. Cushman III are two of the largest early superdonors to the POTUS race. 
  2. There’s something refreshing about how easily we can track the legalized corruption and bribery of our elected officials.
  3. Crime is down in Atlanta… again. #ITPIsSoDangerous
  4. CBS News profiles Jimmy Carter and his Sunday school. 
  5. You will soon be able to bike from Atlanta to Chattanooga… and upon reaching Chattanooga wonder why you did. 
  6. So, I-20 East might be capped with a park? That would be so awesome…if I’ve bought a house in the area by then.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    The campaigns continue to turn things upside down.

    Jeb’s “he kept use safe” Bush has shown that the common understanding that brother George was the dumb one was all wrong.

    • TheEiger says:

      Brother Bush was a governor and president and Jeb was a governor running for president. Yet Dave Bearse is a ….. troll on a blog.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        The country gave President Bush a pass on any responsibility for keeping us safe on 9-11. Jeb’s remark won’t play outside the bubble. The more Jeb talks, the more GOP establishment will be reduced to one viable candidate, Rubio, despite a field of a dozen.

  2. gcp says:

    Murder, ag assault, rape, larceny under 50$, auto theft are up in 2015 compared to 2014. Five other categories are down.

    Total crime is up 1% in Atlanta.

    • Ed says:

      Overall I just don’t buy official crime stats because there’s so many ways they can be distorted or fabricated. I would say that the ITP population and wealth growth has caused an uptick in crime. However, I seem to recall there are more gangs/members/activity in Gwinnett or Cobb than in Fulton.

      • gcp says:

        It’s hard to distort murder, rape, ag assault, car theft, larceny and those are APD stats.

        Also per APD, they track approximately 120 gangs. Gwinnett tracks approx 75. But yes gang criminal activity is a metro wide problem.

        • ATLguy says:

          They are up over 2014 which is cause for concern.

          But they are still at 40 year lows which is cause for celebration. Crime in Atlanta is actually lower than it was pre-Maynard Jackson, which means pre-white flight. And it would be even lower if A) Fulton County didn’t still adhere to the 70s mentality on “criminal justice” or B) if Atlanta were allowed to have their own system of judges/jails. (The people – usually OTP Republicans – who believe that getting the state to force the city of Atlanta and Fulton County into a single government just so there will be fewer “urban Democrat” politicians and governments to deal with should remember this. Oh yes, and the fact that a good chunk of the city of Atlanta is actually in DeKalb – and Atlanta is working towards annexing even more of DeKalb – would make that impossible also).

          If Atlanta still had the crime problems that it did in the Young/Campbell/Franklin administrations, we wouldn’t be seeing the population growth and construction/investment boom that we are seeing now. The Atlanta Falcons would have joined the Atlanta Braves in heading for Cobb County, and there is no way the city would have been able to find private investors willing to sink hundreds of millions into Underground Atlanta, the civic center and Turner Field redevelopment projects. You wouldn’t even have MGM trying to weasel their way into putting a casino down there.

          In short, yes, crime is still a problem in certain areas ITP, but nowhere near the problem that many Republican OTPers think (wish) that it were. While Atlanta should retain chief George Turner after Qasim Reed leaves office and continue to be vigilant on the crime issue (and try to drive it even lower, but again so long as Bernie Sanders types run the Fulton County Commission there is only so much progress that can be made) right now APS is the biggest problem ITP.

          • gcp says:

            Yes the crime rate has decreased in Atlanta and nationally over past 25 years. Also I agree some of the current crime problem is because of the screwy Fulton County court system.

            The bad news is Atlanta murders in 2014 were highest since 2010 and we see overall crime up slightly from last year. I don’t know if Atlanta is just following a national upward trend but it is concerning.

    • saltycracker says:

      Yes, my source of “he is in” a while back was someone he called. Then he got a hot foot of the Clinton scortched earth juggernaut.

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