Are Some Activities More Equal Than Others?

According to Wesley Ross, member of the College Republicans at my alma mater, Dalton State, the Office of Residential Life is more than willing to make sure space is available for events like the ones in the screenshot below, but there is a bit of an unwillingness from the Student Life office to be willing to be flexible to allow the College Republicans to have space on campus to host Senator Charlie Bethel at one of their meetings.

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Wesley told me that he applied for space two weeks in advance and needed access to parking for both guests from the community and students, but was denied due to lack of meeting space (understandable, since Dalton State has been strapped for meeting space).  The perception is that things like this and some minority clubs get special preference in making sure they have space for events (he mentioned the Dalton State Mosaic Club was ensured that they had space for their “Coming Out Day”).  I’m not being prudish, but it’s an interesting note that some clubs are seemingly treated more equally than others.


  1. Andrew C. Pope says:

    There’s a lot of information missing here. For example, what other events were being held the day that the College Republicans wanted to hold their event? Perhaps the available meeting space was already booked and the groups hosting these events reserved the spaces before CRs did.

    I know from my experience leading student organizations in undergrad and in law school, getting space reserved can be a pain, especially if a school is short on meeting or classroom space. Given the number of groups competing for limited space, sometimes decisions are made based on projected attendance, the purpose of the event (educational v. entertainment v. club business/voting meeting), etc. I didn’t see anything in your post saying that the STD awareness event was being held on the same day/time as the CR event, but, assuming it was, maybe the student life folks figured that turnout was going to be better for a presentation on STDs, safe sex, etc. than for a CR event featuring a state senator. Or maybe they determined that the “condom olympics” were going to be more beneficial to a wider swath of students.

  2. Will Kremer says:

    This is a problem numerous College Republican chapters face. Universities give certain student groups priority over others.

    Dropping my obvious partisan veil, I was often told by universities in Georgia that College Republican chapters were not allowed unless a College Democrats chapter was established. The Georgia College Democrats chairman at the time and I often worked to create our respective chapters on those campuses. It’s a shame universities would rather students have no political presence.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      “I was often told by universities in Georgia that College Republican chapters were not allowed unless a College Democrats chapter was established.”

      That’s pretty bad. You ought to name the Universities that readers may know the poor (or past poor) governance.

  3. DunwoodyModerate says:

    I also agree that this article is missing a tremendous amount of detail to explain the circumstances. If there was no space available on the time requested and space is allocated first come, first serve, then you are actually arguing that the College Republicans are entitled to special treatment. If you are trying to say space was available and it was denied to College Republicans then the article should actually say that instead of making a straw man argument.

    The article also states the space was requested two weeks in advance. The event in the screen cap is more than 2 weeks from even today so I am not sure what you are trying to say since it does not appear it is scheduled for the same day the College Republicans were trying to hold their event. If it was, again, the article should actually say that and not have a photo that lacks all context with the hopes people who read this site might have the PERCEPTION that it is inflammatory in some way for a college campus to attempt to educate college students about safe sex.

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