Snarky, Humorous Take On Stone Mountain

From former AJC reporter Jeffry Scott comes news about the latest attraction at Stone Mountain, via “Like The Dew.”

Georgia plans to build a “We Exhibit – You Decide” racial strife museum atop Stone Mountain to address the state’s long and troubled history of discrimination against dozens of minorities and blacks by making it a tourist attraction.

The museum will offer exhibits on both sides of the controversy over civil rights: people for them, and people against them.  And, instead of passing judgement, the museum will allow people to decide for themselves, said Georgia Governor Nathan Deal in an afternoon press conference.

“I’m just beside myself with satisfaction that we have found a way to resolve a conflict some people have called insoluble, by presenting both sides of the issue, Civil Rights, versus racism, human decency, versus bigotry, hate versus happiness, and doing it all under one roof in a way the entire family can enjoy,” said Deal.”

If you can’t inject rude humor into a controversy, what’s the point of the internet? Read the whole thing -and check out “Like The Dew” from time to time. (Bonus points to the commenter who knows where they got their name.)



  1. xdog says:

    That motto was on the front page of the Journal until they merged with the Constitution. Here, ‘merge’ means ‘stop afternoon publishing.’

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