Morning Reads for Friday, October 30, 2015


– How to spot a fake congressman.
– Hooking up Cobb and Cuba?
Columbus whistleblower sues.
Speed traps filling city coffers.

Then there were six. +/- four. Or five. Who’s counting?
– How’s that 15 minutes of fame working out for you?
– These are not the forward thinkers you are looking for.

Random Everywhere:
Inconvenient data.
– The latest game rage: Room Escape.
What’s next for Uber?
– A very important week in college football.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Global warming and city revenues: with the Energy dept. announcing that pumpkins were a problem in global warming and the municialities funding via fining……why aren’t they patrolling the neighborhoods and fining those with pumpkins on their doorsteps?

    Can’t believe all the P.C. Patrols are not out in force smashing pumpkins.

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