Hill Might Stomp Bernie, But Will Lose Georgia To Trump

WXIA sponsored a poll on the presidential preferences of Georgia voters in next year’s election. Trump and Carson are neck-and-neck, while Hillary Clinton is curb-stomping Bernie Sanders. But if the general election pits Trump against Clinton, Trump wins, 46% – 37% among decided voters. Key findings:

* Donald Trump leads Ben Carson 35% to 28% in the contest to be the Republican nominee for President for 2016.
* Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 73% to 16% in the contest to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016.
* If those two candidates are in fact the major-party nominees, Trump defeats Clinton in a general election today, 46% to 37%.

See for yourselves, right here.

It’s far enough out from the primary and the general that any poll taken right now can’t be said to be inaccurate. Check the temperature of the “average” Georgia Republican voter in the Presidential Preference primary and you’d probably see exactly those results. Just remember, we’re four months from that day, and things will change between now and then.

Most interesting, though is the potential match-up of Trump vs. Clinton in the general -which is still more than a year away. That’s an eternity in politics. I don’t think that number will change, because as bombastic and irritating as Donald Trump has been, he’s still preferable to Hillary Clinton.

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  1. northside101 says:

    I would be skeptical of any poll showing Hillary at only 37% in Georgia…even John Kerry bested that in 2004 (41%) and Obama got 47% and 45% respectively in his two Georgia general election appearances in 2008 and 2012. All the more so (skepticism) with rising minority percentage in Georgia and declining white percentage (fewer whites voted in Georgia’s 2014 midterm election than in 2010).

    • I agree. The survey showed 12% would vote “other” in that match-up, and while people might tell a pollster that, they won’t actually vote like that. But I don’t think 2016 will be the year that the demographics finally shift in the Democrats’ favor.

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