Morning Reads – Tuesday, November 10, 2015


If Charlie asks nicely, he may borrow the cardboard ViewMaster thingy that came with my Sunday New York Times.

IRS may try – again – to use private debt collectors to collect back taxes.

$53 million in tax dollars spent on “paid patriotism?” God bless America, INDEED.

Tybee Island likes Ike, Jr., their newest litter-fighting ambassador.

State officials are concerned about the impact of poverty on children in south Georgia.

Second runner dies following the Savannah Rock & Roll Marathon.

Twenty years of consolidated government in Augusta-Richmond County.

Spaghetti Junction through the years.

If politicians had man buns.

Hamilton! The Founding Father without a father! If you have yet to welcome Alexander Hamilton into your life, this is a great place to start.


  1. blakeage80 says:

    Two things:
    1) Will the North-Eastern end of Atlanta implode when they have to replace any of the bridges at Spaghetti Junction?
    2) Why didn’t the Valdosta Times give any context to the article on poverty? It left me feeling like they just realized lots of So. Ga. children are poor. Finally, this line insults every school system south of Macon, “Poverty is both a cause and effect of insufficient access to quality education”.

    • Teri says:

      Blake, I almost didn’t include the Valdosta Times article for that reason – it’s not a fine piece of journalism (for that same reason, I didn’t include a story from WSAV that was really too grammatically egregious even for this site). But I figured that A) it’s the only article I found on the subject, and I wanted to include SoGa in the MRs, and B) because it is the MRs, contextualization and interpretation aren’t necessary for the post itself, but they’re more than welcome in the comments.

      (Here’s the WSAV story that is difficult to read: – I think it’s an as-spoken transcript, but seriously, there’s no intern at WSAV who can at least check the transcript for basic punctuation before they publish?)

      • Ellynn says:

        What’s scary is the WSAV is not even the worse offender of bad auto corrects and transcript relaying in the TV market. Last week (all from one station not called WSAV or WTOC) we had a School Bord (in the headline), a title flood and a shoting.

        • Ellynn says:

          I do realiz the irony of me complaining about incorrect gramer and autocorrect (having missed a ‘the’ which should be a ‘that’). Reminder, I am dyslexic and I have an assistant who won spelling bees to edit my professional work… 🙂

      • blakeage80 says:

        Context: Poverty in South Ga has many causes and many effects. It can’t be summed up by a ‘chicken and egg’ statement about education access.

        Insult: Put yourself in the shoes of the many fine teachers and administrators in the aforementioned region who have devoted their careers to providing a quality education. These are people that have seen many students lifted from poverty, in part, because of the opportunity afforded them through education. I’d be pretty insulted by that line in particular.

        • John Konop says:

          Many factors driving this problem, lack of blue collar jobs that pay well without real skills, lack of focus on job skills options in high school verse making everyone 4 year college ready, War on Drugs anchoring people with scarlet letters for life killing job opportunities…..

          If we killed the War on Drugs and legalized it, we could use the tax revenue to invest in much needed infrastructure. We could also allow students to take a vocational track without the 4 year college requirements. Eliminate the criminal records on non violent drug offenders, which would help with jobs. The Pew institute estimates this would decrease poverty by 30%. The above would do way more than some extra pre-school spending.

  2. northside101 says:

    Say it ain’t so—article in the local sports this morning that 5-7 football teams could go to bowls this year if there are not enough teams with a 6-6 record or greater for (an absurd number of) 40 bowls. Golly…do we not have enough of those? I guess mediocrity is reaching unprecedented levels in the NCAA. A school with a losing record under no circumstances should be “rewarded” with a bowl. For that matter, having a 500 season should not qualify a team for one either.

  3. northside101 says:

    Gee, Ed, someone got apoplexy? Who? Never heard of that from too many bowls. I guess it is just a quaint opinion that there should not be rewards for losing teams. If it is all about money, then let all 120+ Division 1 teams go to a bowl. Maybe the two worst ones could play in the “Toilet Bowl”—maybe in some warm, inviting place like International Falls, Fargo, North Dakota or Siberia. If 12 regular games are not enough, then I’m OK with adding a 13th (though not sure how that can work with the December exam schedule).

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