Whitfield GOP Chairman Chuck Payne Steps Down To Join Carson Camp

My friend and Chairman of the Whitfield County Republican Party is stepping down from the GOP chairman’s position to become the North Georgia director for Ben Carson’s presidential campaign.

Chuck is one of the hardest working people in the Georgia Republican Party.  He stands behind candidate that he believes in.  He will tell you himself that he doesn’t do it for the candidate’s benefit, but rather he does it because he wants to help build a better future for his kids and their kids.

I’m grateful for the work that Chuck has done over the years, for his leadership, and his friendship.  My selfishness doesn’t want him to leave, but I know he is doing what he is being led to do.  I wish him much success and luck in his new role.


  1. Ed says:

    “he does it because he wants to help build a better future for his kids and their kids.”

    So he’s backing a candidate who is quite happy to, at absolute best, play freely with the truth and for being a surgeon has shown quite a stunning lack of basic intellect?

    Odd but ok!

  2. Biggon says:

    Thank you, Nathan Smith… but you should know that my departure from serving as Chairman in Whitfield doesn’t mean that I’m really going anywhere. Setting all naysayers aside, as long as the principle and platform of our Party promotes our stand for those “certain unalienable Rights” of conviction, I’ll be back and committing my best efforts to advance such a noble and worth cause.
    Thank you for your friendship and understanding.

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