Morning Reads for Almost College Basketball Season


Two days until the only season better than college football season: college basketball!

  1. Sonny Perdue’s lone legacy, the “Go Fish Center” is shockingly not attracting visitors… only five years and $30 million+ later. 
  2. Atlanta is the second least-equal city in the U.S. 
  3. Yay?
  4. Docs: Jimmy Carter’s cancer treatment “going well.”
  5. On turning John Lewis into a super hero. 
  6. Things that aren’t actually hipster: Buckhead, Atlantic Station and Brookwood. 
  7. Atlanta Botanical Gardens helping project in Cuba to resurrect Florida orchids. 
  8. Noted Georgia State (and Georgia state) historian Cliff Kuhn passed away. 
  9. “The Power Broker” was just published in the U.K. Here’s a sample of one review:
  10. “As an account of how power and ambition shape the urban environment, The Power Broker has yet to be beaten… Caro’s profile of America’s greatest town planner is monumental in its own right – a peerless analysis of how millions of lives are still ordered daily by a singular vision.”
  11. In today’s installment of things that are beyond totally useless: UGA is on the bubble for the tourney. 
  12. The season hasn’t even started and I already miss the 50 PPG GSU lost from last year. Ugh.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    Everyone thinks of John Lewis with such reverence for his role in the 1960’s civil rights movement, but where are his principles now? Why hasn’t he spoken up for Syrian Christians, or against the openly fascist elements in Ukraine? What did he have to say when we destroyed Libya? And does anyone doubt he’ll gladly endorse Hillary for president, despite her terrible record and worse campaign statements?

  2. Lea Thrace says:

    Hearing about Cliff Kuhn yesterday morning was more of a punch in the gut than I expected. Didnt know him, never met him. I used to greatly enjoy listening to him when he contributed to pieces on WABE. Truly knowledgeable man. May he rest in peace.

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