Congressman Doug Collins Highlights Anti-Competitive Behavior Of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA-09) questioned witnesses during a House Judiciary Committee hearing about practices and behaviors of Pharmacy Benefits Managers and the impact to rural pharmacies that serve their respective communities. From the presser:

Today, in a House Judiciary Committee hearing examining “The State of Competition in the Pharmacy Benefits Manager and Pharmacy Marketplaces”, Congressman Doug Collins questioned witnesses about anticompetitive behavior by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and the resulting devastating impact on independent and community pharmacies, and the families they serve.

Community Pharmacies are on the healthcare frontlines in rural communities such as Northeast Georgia. Consolidation in the PBM Marketplace and the lack of transparency in the dealings between PBMs and community pharmacies has resulted in local pharmacies closing their doors for good. Congressman Collins and 30 of his colleagues have advocated transparency requirements for PBMs contained in H.R. 244, the “MAC Transparency Act”. This hearing was an important first step to level the playing field in the pharmacy marketplace, and brought to light the need for immediate Congressional action.

Here’s the video from yesterday’s hearing:


  1. Feeling the Bern says:

    OH look, its my Congresscritter. How shall I count the ways this is sad?

    1. Preacher Doug, who wrote that script you read from? 99% of your eye contact was reading, and 1% glares of indignation.

    2. I am not familiar with the legislation or the players and learned very little from this exchange. Preacher Doug went to great lengths to ask leading questions of personal opinions that would make their company look like a villain (the apparent goal of this hearing) of the three witnesses (who, for the most part, made direct eye contact with the inquisitor).

    3. I found it amusing that in the middle of the section, Preacher Doug had to wake up the Chair to enter his script, er evidence into the record.

    4. I live in Ellijay. My ‘local pharmacist’ works at CVS. She lives a few miles from me. Any independent pharmacies were cleared out long ago by WalMarts. That “level playing field” that PD seems to want is what others call ‘weight crushing the competition.’ Who the hell is he talking about? I’d speculate a nice donation from the online pharmacy baddies would change his sermon.

    5. Why are his concerns not just government meddling in the Free Market?

    • Feeling the Bern says:

      follow up:

      Good grief, more government healthcare regulation? All that extra reporting is going to add to the cost of healthcare. Why does a pharmacy in Blairsville need to know the source of any drug pricing that has to be sent to every pharmacy across the country every 7 days? Can someone follow the money for us here? Who is Preacher Doug carrying water for this week?

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