The #peachbreach hits keep on coming… SOS likely to fight in 50 states

As a result of my post only an hour ago, a colleague contacted me and asked about the data contained in the breach. This colleague and his wife relocated from Atlanta to the state of Washington a few years ago.

But, the Voter File doesn’t purge voters unless they proactively notify the government of the move. Which, I’m sure all of us do (/sarcasm). [Update: The Voter File doesn’t keep names forever… if there is a loss of contact of a voter you will eventually roll off. But for sure there are lots names on the list that appear “active” who live out of state.]

Almost every state has different data breach notification and penalty laws. Georgia’s are quite stringent. California’s are even more so.

It’s becoming clear to me that there are likely thousands of people in the leaked data who live in other states. And that makes the Georgia SOS responsible under the laws of those states. Making this potentially a 50-state knot to untie.

I’m hearing from several folks that these disks are generated and managed by an outside contractor with strong ties to the SOS office. As the photo below shows, these things are sent by the SOS Elections Office as official Election Material, no matter who does the stamp licking.



  1. TheEiger says:

    “I’m hearing from several folks that these disks are generated and managed by an outside contractor with strong ties to the SOS office.” Is it the same people that built that fancy new SOS website that didn’t work for 6 months?

  2. Feeling the Bern says:

    Why does the SOS have our driver’s license and social security numbers matched to our names?

    I hope this is not another way to scare people away from registering to vote. Which political party has been active in that area? Well, Kemp’s, of course!

    does anyone else feel like the wheels are falling off the civilization wagon?

      • Jon Richards says:

        They tried that about ten years ago. Got your fingerprints when you got your driver’s license, and then digitized the prints on the back of the license.

        Got huge complaints, as I recall, and they stopped doing it a while back.

  3. inlimine says:

    The Wizard of SOS has sent out a letter tonight to election officials saying it only went to 12 entities and all have returned the lists. He also says an IT employee was fired and that no breach occurred.

    I feel so safe now.

    • Will Durant says:

      So only 12 entities obtain voter lists?

      No doubt a low-level peon got the ax though a properly constructed database would not allow a peon access to view SSN and DL fields much less copy them off to outsiders. The database builder and/or security manager should go first. Of course these positions are probably outsourced to the SoS’s favorite contracting/consulting group who then subs it out to India.

      If any non-authorized personnel or outside agency had access to the data then a “breach occurred”.

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