I’d Like To Know Why The Department of Revenue Wants My Voter File

I was talking to a source at the Department of Revenue today about the DOR completely screwing local craft beer brewers at the behest of the Georgia Beer Wholesale Association. The source, by the way, completely agrees even though he works for DOR.

But in the conversation, the data breach at the Secretary of State’s office came up. He told me that the data had more likely than not been prepped by the Elections Division for the Department of Revenue. He specifically said that the Department of State will hand over the voter records and State will include the social security number, birthdate, and driver’s license number for DOR.

I understand interagency collaboration, but it seems that if voting is such a right, the state probably shouldn’t be using it for purposes other than voting, including letting DOR use it.

By the way, two other people confirm to me that in fact DOS was making all this data available to DOR, including the social security numbers, dates of birth, and driver’s license numbers.


  1. I can certainly think of reasons why they’d want that data but kind of odd that they’d think getting it from SOS was the most efficient way unless they’re just exploiting a loophole of some sort.

  2. IndyPendant says:

    You want to know why?

    Because too many voters in Georgia will only vote for someone with an “R” next to their name.

    We’re reaping what we sow.

    Revenue wants your drivers license info? Big deal, if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to fear, right?

    • Noway says:

      Early morning jokes, I like that. The old “if you’ve done nothing wrong, you got nothing to fear.” What is the law regarding sharing of personal info between state agencies? Is the sharing even legal?

    • John Konop says:

      Huh? How far does your logic go? Should the government be able to break down the door of my home and search without any real reason? And would you say no big deal if you have not done anything wrong?

      • Noway says:

        I think he’s joking, John, but I could be wrong. And they’re already breaking down all of our doors electronically. Emails, phone data, Stingrays checking you out while cops are driving passing you on the street. I know we live in different times and all of that but the 4th Amendment is gone forever.

  3. eburke says:

    Why is it that the General Assembly allows the SOS to turn over vital election records to the DOR but does not allow the DOR to inform local governments when they give away millions of dollars in Sales Tax Refunds without any justification on the reason or the correct distribution?

    • Enjoy the Silence says:

      On a related note. DOR is not even allowed to notify the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee of the legislature how much money the state refunded out of the 4% state portion of such sales tax refund, though everyone and their mother can know how much was refunded out of the 3% local portion.

      (The answer, despite DOR saying the state portion amount is confidential, of course, is really that the state refunds nothing out of state funds, but pays the entire 7% from local funds.)

  4. Will Durant says:

    Even worse. There are no real legal controls over the vendors used by the various state agencies that have access to our personal data. Yeah they sign confidentiality agreements but without any teeth in them. Note that the internal IT clerk was fired by Kemp, not the outside agency he employs that generated the file with the sensitive data. Nor has he even acknowledged that an outside agency is essentially the actual keeper of the data.

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