Afternoon Reads for Monday, November 23rd

I promised to fill in for Tim for the next couple of weeks, and I remembered that this morning while I was at the store gathering items for Thanksgiving.  Here are today’s morning afternoon reads.


National & World:



    • Baker says:

      My guess is Connecticut gives them an insane amount of money/credits/breaks and they stay home. If Malloy lost GE, that would be huge. I don’t know what he thinks his political future might be, but losing GE might be the end of it.

      • Will Durant says:

        Whoops. put that one in the wrong place.

        Yeah, I’m not for criminals being able to use their ill gotten gains but definitely think a conviction should be required for asset seizures. I’m generally opposed to any profit incentives for law enforcement agencies and would love to see all violations of state code going to the state. They could then be funneled back to counties and cities proportional to their population. This would effectively end speed traps and red light cameras that actually cause more accidents than they prevent.

  1. Will Durant says:

    The Windows anniversary item reminded me of the old riff on the Ford commercials from the DOS days:

    Microsoft. Where quality is job 1.1

    Of course with Windows it was 3.1 until they had something.

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