GSU Offers Two Proposals for Turner Field Redevelopment

Should Turner Field become a football stadium or mixed-use development?

That will be the question if Georgia State University purchases the site.

11Alive reports that GSU’s RFP that was submitted to the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority has two plans for a football stadium. 

One option would be to convert the 20-year old Turner Field building into the framework for a mixed-use development, with housing and retail. That option would include construction of a new football stadium, and a new baseball stadium, north of Turner Field.

Another option pitched by GSU was one originally revealed to 11Alive News in April 2014 — which would retrofit Turner Field into a college football stadium, and construct a baseball stadium on the old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium site.

Both options submitted Friday by GSU include the new baseball stadium. The variable now is the location of the football stadium GSU wants, which would extend the university’s campus across I-20.

RFPs were due Friday and an unknown number were submitted.

A decision on which proposal is selected could in “the coming months.”


  1. zedsmith says:

    candidly I was already on board for the original GSU proposal that situated the football stadium in the Ted’s footprint, but the idea of putting the athletic fields farther north, closer to Marta and the highway is even better.

    You can thank rabble rousing residents of nearby neighborhoods for that option. I believe GSU hadn’t considered it until they faced neighborhood meetings.

  2. Will Durant says:

    Well of course they should just knock it down. It’s ancient in Atlanta sports arena years which appears to be dog years times 5.

  3. Ellynn says:

    I would watch to see if the highest price RFP might be a holding company which is under contract for developing a casino (not my first choice or my second for the site). But they need to have a deal in had for the casino lobbies to help push a bill along…

  4. gcp says:

    And who pays for this mess? Will the state bond it out for the next ten years? Higher student athletic fees (already $544 per year at gsu) or maybe higher tuition?

    Also note that tuition has already increased 48% on average at Ga. schools since 2010 and state taxpayers spend almost two billion per year on our university system.

      • gcp says:

        As I told you last time you likely won this discussion because Ga State will get its project. I looked at the plan in this mornings Business Chronicle. It’s mainly a football stadium, a baseball stadium, parking, some housing and a small retail area. It does nothing to facilitate GSU as a learning institution.

        Ga. State is unique in Ga. because it is an urban university. It’s not an Athens land grant university nor is it a North Ave tech school yet some folks such as President Becker keep trying to change its mission.

        My original question of who pays for this project is still unanswered.

        • Will Durant says:

          An urban university that has now taken over the suburban Perimeter College thanks to the Regents. Removing yet another affordable (by today’s standards anyway) option for the non-wealthy commuter types. Will they also be paying higher fees for sports teams that will prove to be of no benefit to the vast majority?

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    GSU students already are paying millions in required fees, among the highest in the nation, to support athletic programs.

    What’s a few hundred dollars more a year in fees for a pair of sports stadiums? It’s not like student debt is a consideration.

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