Stacey Evans Wants You To Protect Your Personal Information (And Maybe Keep Her In Mind)

State Representative Stacey Evans (D-Symrna) sent out a newsletter to her constituents encouraging them to contact the three credit bureaus to set up an initial fraud alert.  This PSA comes in the wake of the Secretary of State’s office accidental release of personal information on voter database extracts.  Also in her PSA, she makes the note that now isn’t the time to play politics with the matter:

While I believe Secretary Kemp should be held responsible, now is not the time for politics. Right now, we need to make sure that the personal information of voters his office failed to keep safe has not been used in a nefarious manner.

Today isn’t the time to play politics with this accidental release, but it will be a target on the 2018 campaign trail.  It might be reading too much in to the email, but it makes you wonder if Rep. Evans is looking at a run for Secretary of State on the Democratic ticket in 2018.


  1. Feeling the Bern says:

    he heh this has politics written all over it. “This DISASTER is SO HUGE we have to put aside DIRECT POLITICAL swipes…for now”

    Which, in and of itself is a huge swipe at B.K.

    Well played,ma’am.

  2. inlimine says:

    Any reference to any of the inept actions and negligent oversight of the Wizard of SOS will be viewed as politics. Deservedly so. He’s gotta go. (Likely to the Governor’s race, unfortunately).

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Just following footsteps by walking away from a mess to toward the Governor’s mansion.

      And there’s ample recent experience one much richer when leaving the mansion.

  3. Will Durant says:

    I’ve stated this before in the forum but it bears repeating. History shows that this is a job that a competent administrator can have for life in this state. It really is not suitable for someone seeking to use it as a springboard to higher office. With apologies to former Governor Busbee we need a workhorse not a show horse in this office.

    For the electorate to be assured that elections are fair and unbiased this office should at least be filled in a nonpartisan election like the judges. We all know how nonpartisan they actually are but at least we can pretend.

    In the meantime if Republicans want the best for their party then pressure must be put on Kemp to resign. They have made recalls nigh impossible in this state.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Don’t know that it was the GOP that made recalls impossible in GA. What significant changes concerning recalls have occurred in the last dozen years?

      • Will Durant says:

        By they I meant the General Assembly and didn’t mean to imply just the Republicans. Georgia’s single-party rule flip from D to R really didn’t change the good ol’ boy network very much at all. Second verse, same as the first…

        I did go look up the recall requirements and found that I had the wrong impression. A petition would require signatures containing 15% of the number of votes garnered by the incumbent in the previous election. I erroneously thought it was out of those eligible to vote. So I suppose it is surmountable at ~220K but this is the kicker, guess who gets to certify the petition?

        In any case it appears his claim of no harm, no foul, and laying low is succeeding.

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