Apparently Stacey Evans Isn’t Alone In Sending PSAs

Friend and GOP stalwart Justin Tomczak forwarded me an email from State Representative Pat Gardner (D-Atlanta) also encouraging her constituents to take preventative measures against identity theft.  Interestingly enough, the email is almost, an exact copy of Stacey Evans’ email that she sent out earlier this week.  The only exception is that Rep. Gardner’s email ends with “Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!” instead of another paragraph like Rep. Evans.

Either the honorable ladies have the same consultant who used a cookie cutter approach in order to seize the opportunity created by the Secretary of State’s mistake, or perhaps there is another person looking forward to the 2018 election.


  1. Will Durant says:

    Perhaps rather than trying to make a partisan battle out of this the Republican representatives for Oconee County, Chuck Williams and Regina Quick, should issue their own PSAs. They might inform their constituents that by his own admission their personal information has been jeopardized twice now by the SoS only he didn’t even bother to tell them the first time.

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      Good catch on multiple disclosures Will Durant and shockingly the press release on how it happened is not accurate.

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