Cyber Monday Morning Reads – 11/30

Here’s your special flash deal of the day: Cyber Monday MRs at a deeply discounted rate!

The turkey has been consumed and people are now spending their productive hours at work trying to find the best deals.





  1. mjhicks says:

    Why is PP failing to start a topic on the recent white Christian terrorist shooting? Sorta seems like a worthy topic to me.

    • D_in_ATL says:

      Because it’s not everyday that you lose your head coach, the top GOP candidate comes to town, and little children stop believing in fairy tails.

      Mass shootings by middle-aged, PO’d white guys happen pretty much every week.

    • Feeling the Bern says:

      I tell ya it’s GOTTA be that white thug culture. We should ship the lot of ’em back to England!


  2. northside101 says:

    Time for some “deal making” with CMR “mutually agreeing” (?) with Greg McGarity to “find” a new job. Send Mr. Richt to Tech, where a regular 9, maybe 10 wins a year will have him getting the royal treatment, maybe akin to the Lord entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday….Mr. Johnson could then make his way 500 or so miles north to Charlottesville (Virginia) to take over a program that has had 4 consecutive losing seasons (certainly they won’t keep Mike Landon up there).

    Also, someone tell me who are the “bright minds” who negotiate these coaching contracts at Tech and Georgia…like Paying CMR over the next 4 years maybe $16 million “not to coach.?” Most of us would be lucky to get $16,000 if we were “shown the door.”……..

    And finally, is “mutually agreeing” in college lexicon mean “resign, or be fired?” Just wondering……

    • Charlie says:

      UGA AD McGarity has changed the buyout clause on most of the head coach’s contracts since his arrival where they get 25% of balance remaining if terminated. Thus Richt’s buyout should be about $4M, or one year’s salary, which isn’t out of line with most C-suite private sector jobs, and a lot less than most head coaches, including Paul Johnson.

  3. northside101 says:

    Thanks for clarification Charlie…maybe my memory is fuzzy, but I think the same Greg McGarity earlier this year said Richt and his staff were making “significant strides” in all areas of the program…I guess for Tech, the pockets are not as deep as UGAs (pockets of the athletic program), and only so much money to go around after they fired Paul Hewitt. Will Brian Gregory, the basketball coach, be next? (And would anyone notice?)

  4. Feeling the Bern says:

    One of the good things about being a political independent is not being partisan dependent.

    If you have to depend on one ideology to promote your precious world view, then you are a party dependent. It is a warm and safe cradle. But it is still a cradle, and you are a helpless babe in the woods, dependent on authority to tell you how to love and how to hate.

    There are far worse things than being a skeptic.

  5. Baker says:

    Oh I almost forgot!

    ….drumroll please……..

    With a nearly 95% win total…the winner of this year’s Peach Pundit College Pick ‘Em is….


    It was a drubbing folks. A handful of people were within twenty points. And don’t give me any of this “But I didn’t even pick some weeks” nonsense. That’s not my fault. It’s not my fault your picks sucked so bad in Week 4 you lost heart and threw in the towel. It wasn’t quite a wire to wire win but I believe the magic began in Week 2.

    I’ll wait for my Garland of Roses, free beers, legislative recognition on the House floor or whatever at the next PP Road Show.

  6. saltycracker says:

    Cyber Irony: If Georgia can take gambling money for education, why not internet sales taxes for transportation ?

    This must make goofy tax free days look like chump change

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) –
    Cyber Monday is on pace to be the biggest e-commerce sales day of all time.
    In the first 10 hours of the day, online orders totaled an estimated $490 million, according to Adobe. That puts the day on track to hit the $3 billion mark.

    Many major retailers started Cyber Monday a day early and are now promoting deals throughout “Cyber Week.”

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