MRs: Erickson blasts NYT; Georgia’s San Bernardino hero; the REAL GSU routs Statesboro


Erickson blasts holes in NYT … literally
Georgia native remembered as hero in San Bernandino massacre
Carter says his cancer is gone

Georgia teachers should expect progress toward merit pay next session
Another Georgia execution set for this week
DeKalb community called ‘worst in America’
Budweiser Clydesdales visit Atlanta community

Will Muschamp to become next Gamecocks coach
The REAL GSU is bowl eligible … (Tech must be awfully jealous)
Houston, FSU heading to Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl
And finally … perhaps the most significant news of the day 


  1. Feeling the Bern says:

    Eric continues to make Georgia look Georgian. Good to see selfish self promotion trumps looking good to a job creating relocating industry

    *cue old Neil Young song*

    • Noway says:

      Regarding job creating, the companies are gonna go where they get be biggest tax breaks and labor climate. I don’t see them going to NY state because Erick put s a few holes in a newspaper column.

      • UrbanSuburbanist says:

        Tax breaks and labor climate? That is what decades of neocon propaganda has trained you. Yet, compare the labor climate in NYC, Connecticut, California Bay area, Portland and Seattle to the same in low tax, right to work Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee or for that matter any place in Georgia except the Atlanta metro area (or the upper midwest before the fracking boom).

        First, having companies relocate to your state because they are looking to depress wages is lame. I really do not see why neocons believing that a company moving away from a place where they have to pay $150,000 a year to a place where they can get someone to do the same work for $75,000 a year is somehow a win for working people or the overall economy. It is far better to have companies relocate to your state because your state has the best workers: workers so skilled and knowledgeable that they can do work that can’t get done anywhere else. That’s when your area gets jobs that pay in the $250K – $350K range.

        Second, the emphasis on getting companies to relocated is wrongheaded to begin with. A healthy state entrepreneurs should have enough smart, ambitious people (and enough skilled workers for those smart ambitious people to hire) to start their own successful companies that grow. That’s the thing: leading, growing and healthy companies never relocate looking for rebates and lower payroll costs. They stay right where they are and use high salaries and the prestige of working for a top company to lure talent from all over the country to wherever they are located. So if you think that a top investment, media or tech company is going to leave Wall Street or Silicon Valley to come to Norcross or Cumming to save money on middle managers, please stop listening to talk radio. What is happening is those companies are raiding the top talent that comes out of Georgia Tech, Emory and (I guess) UGA to the northeast and west coast.

        And before you reply with the long-outdated “Delta is ready when you are” quote from Lewis Grizzard, you should know that Georgia’s top talent is doing exactly that: taking Delta, Southwest and whatever else out of state where the real money is being made while you guys keep bragging about how much further you want to drive down wages.

        • Noway says:

          So, are you gonna bust my chops if I comparison shop and buy my new Jeep at Ed Voyles versus Jasper Jeep? No, I’ll gladly pay more at dealer number two because they’re more deserving!

  2. Andrew C. Pope says:

    Erick’s smirk says “Wayne LaPierre is gonna send me a bottle of Blanton’s and a metric ton of bacon as a thank you gift.”

  3. Will Durant says:

    Greg Bluestein of the AJC is reporting:

    The governor, who was tight-lipped about Kemp’s plans earlier this week, said Friday that he has gone “as far as you can reasonably expect him to go.”

    Added Deal:

    “I don’t know what else he can do. We don’t know the full extent of the risks are. If all the disks have been recovered or accounted for, and there was no leaking of that information, that should be the end of the issue. And offering credit monitoring goes above and beyond that.”

    “…there was no leaking of that information…”????

    Really Governor?

    Simply offering credit monitoring at the taxpayer’s expense is going above and beyond?

    In other words, move along people, nothing to see here. You might look too close at all of the other shenanigans and how your state government is really run. I’m calling on Sam Olens to get involved at this point. Time to see if he can finally grow a set.

    • Noway says:

      What would you like to see the AG do, Will? Is anything criminal here? What about criminal intent? As far as civil, wouldn’t someone have to come forward and claim some sort of damages as a result of the leak to proceed with that type of suit? What are your thoughts on this that might be addressed by the AG?

      • Will Durant says:

        We don’t know how much if anything criminal has transpired with Kemp’s attempts to cover up primarily because he has failed to comply with Georgia statutes regarding open records. The AG pursued the low hanging fruit of the city of Cumming not complying with open meetings code with Nydia Tisdale. Why shouldn’t he take on the SoS for hiding behind his embellished press releases and withholding information because the breach is “still under investigation”. Kemp has stated that all of the discs are “recovered or destroyed” and the scapegoat has been chosen and fired. What’s left to investigate? He freely jumped in front of cameras last year with his documentation of the “rampant fraud” (>0.05%) in the registration forms that Stacey Abrams’ group had turned in while assuring us his investigation was still underway.

        By his own admission in one of the press releases he has admitted that there was a breach of Oconee County voter’s personal information in 2012. Yet this was not divulged to them. IANAL and you might be correct that this is not a violation of state code but damn sure violates federal statutes. Why not? We’ve had to rely on the feds to pursue crooked commissioners in DeKalb and Gwinnett. This really goes against my personal hopes to make a federal case of these types of issues but if we continue to have prosecutors who place partisan politics over doing their job then so be it.

        • xdog says:

          Will, I called the SoS office about the Oconee breach and after a couple of days a young staff attorney called me back.

          He said the Oconee data were requested by a UGA professor who noticed SSNs and other sensitive info when he first opened the file. The SA told me the prof immediately closed the file and informed university officials including the police. They put him in touch with the SoS office and after answering some questions about distribution (there was none) and copies, he returned the file.

          If I understood him correctly, some parts of the SoS office were aware of the Oconee breach and some were not at the time of the big breach.

          The SA was knowledgeable and forthcoming about SoS internal procedures. Naturally he was trying to make the case that the big leak resulted from one guy who stepped outside procedure, that ‘steps were being taken’, and that the chances of another occurrence were remote. Given who pays his salary I wouldn’t have expected anything less but he wasn’t defensive or evasive, freely admitting that the event was an embarrassment to the SoS and that any lapse by his office in securing citizens’ personal data was a major incident that was being treated seriously.

          The SA called me after 5 and we talked for more than 20 minutes. He gave me his direct office number, I’m not sure why. I know he was engaged in damage control but after speaking with him I was optimistic that not everyone up there was unconcerned or incompetent.

          Regardless, I agree that Kemp should get out of the way and reveal more details of what happened. I’d particularly like to know from Kemp how the new procedures he’s instituting will be more secure than the procedures he already had in place.

          • Will Durant says:

            Went to a Christmas party so I’m late in responding to this. Memo to Noway: I didn’t pack heat, not even a .25 ACP which Falwell Jr. said he would have used to stop “those Muslims”.

            Thanks for that info xdog. I’m glad the previous data disclosure was to a responsible party. While it doesn’t rate bringing in the feds it still does not absolve the SoS of the “full responsibility” he has claimed for this 2nd breach. From one of Kemp’s press releases: “This [the 1st breach] was one of the problems that exposed that the long time IT bureaucracy in the agency was broken, so I hired a top consulting team to help completely restructure the entire IT department. We hired almost all new personnel. We also implemented an all new Voter Registration System that remains secure today.” So secure that a single state employee without access to the personal info granted to Kemp’s chosen outside vendor (you know the ones who actually control the voter database) is now assigned all of the blame. I read this somewhere else but it’s a great analogy to this issue so I’m going to steal it: By using CDs to distribute the public information voter list the SoS chose to use the modern-day equivalent of the Pony Express and he has now taken “full responsibility” by shooting the horse.

            In viewing another great article by Kristina Torres on the issue this evening I see that not only does the Georgia chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists think Kemp is skirting the law on open records, but even Senator Bruce Thompson R – Cartersville has written the SoS. His “Constituents are particularly concerned why the public was not made aware in a timelier manner,” and also urges he release the documentation. I still maintain that the Guvna’ was too quick in granting his absolution to Kemp.

      • UrbanSuburbanist says:

        If the prospect of having a socialist win tickles you, do conservatives get to root for fascists to win as well? Now I am not talking about someone who has political views similar to what was mainstream in America in the 1980s, 1950s or the 1920s but an honest to goodness European (or Far Eastern or Latin American) style fascist. If we get to import foreign extreme left wing views like Sanders has from Norway on one hand, shouldn’t we also have the benefits provided by the far right also?

        I guess everyone goes nuts when the specter of fascism is raised because we have been given a steady diet of how awful Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, Franco et al were in the media and in our schools. Funny how those same organs don’t associate socialism with the hundreds of millions killed by Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Mengistu, Idi Amin, the Khmer Rouge, the Viet Cong etc. instead?

        I guess the good thing is that thanks to the Bernie Sanders moment, Democrats can no longer claim to be a moderating, centrist force with a straight face. Instead, the only thing restricting the Democrats from going as far and hard to the left as fast as they can is GOP opposition, however feeble and ineffective that the likes of Newt Gingrich, Denny Hastert and Mitch McConnell are at actually opposing anything that is.

        • Scott65 says:

          Lets see…for comparisons sake…Bernie Sanders is about 100 miles from the center. Pretty much all the ones on the right are about…how many miles is it from here to Alaska?
          Oh, and if you want to vote for a fascist, nobody is stopping you from voting for Trump…have at it.
          (all in all that was a less than intelligent comparison…one wants universal healthcare…one wants to ban Muslims from entering the US…not so equal on the spectrum Bud)

  4. Noway says:

    B, for your Christmas present, I’m bringing you some ayahuasca I’ll pick up here in Bogota. My understanding is that you can take better trips with it than Leary did with LSD! Maybe that would help with this Bernie fantasy!

  5. BriscoeDarlin says:

    “Let’s block all Muslims…” Donald Trump. Manna from Heaven to Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Clinton. To those Left and Right who’ve wondered:
    Trump is NOW, finally done.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I doubt it. The segment of the GOP that thinks Obama a Muslim provides a significant floor that will keep Trump in the race into March.

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