#GAGOP Foundation Chairman Jack Kingston: What We’ve Been Working On

Former Congressman, and now GAGOP Foundation Chairman, Jack Kingston laid out the accomplishments that the Georgia Republican Foundation has made over this past year in an email sent out today. Specifically, he highlights what has been accomplished in the last four months since his appointment:

  • We’ve grown from 8 members to 78 members, which includes more than 30 who have given far more than the requested amount.
  • Secretary of State Brian Kemp became the first statewide Constitutional officer to join us and Tom Price became the first Member of Congress to join.
  • Eight state legislators have joined, including Senators Burt Jones, Jack Hill, Bill Cowsert, Tyler Harper and Josh McKoon and State Reps. Regina Quick, Terry England, and John Meadows.
  • Three local Republican parties – Jackson and Fulton Counties and the 9th Congressional District have joined the Foundation.
  • We’ve hosted receptions for Foundation members with Rep. Buddy Carter, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, Sen. David Perdue, and State House Speaker David Ralston where our members hear from elected officials in a relaxed setting that allows for conversation, and question and answer not usually possible at other GOP events.

The Georgia Republican Party has had some financial challenges, but, in spite of what detractors of the current GAGOP administration, efforts are ongoing to boost Party coffers through the various Georgia Republican Foundation events, encouraging Republicans in Georgia to become Foundation members, and asking for contributions from the grassroots.

Jack has been a tremendous asset to the Georgia Republican Party.  The work that he has done for the Georgia Republican Foundation is much appreciated.  Thank you, Jack!


  1. TheEiger says:

    I don’t want to poo poo on Jack’s parade here and the following comments are not directed at Jack. They are directed at the state party. Jack’s role has been to fund raise and that what he has been doing.

    But with all of these new people joining the foundation what have we gotten as republicans? How many new voters have been registered to vote in the state? How man voter contacts have we made this year? Number of mailings? Or is all of this money that Jack is raising going to other things other than the basics of what we should be doing going into a presidential election year?

    • Lawton Sack says:

      That appears to be the norm for the GOP and it has always puzzled me. It seems like in odd years that the GOP would focus on registration, recruitment, AND strengthening the local parties. However, it seems to happen in the even years when the focus should be on voter turnout and the elections. There may be a good reason for the way it has been done, but I haven’t found it.

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