Surely the Apocalypse is Upon Us

deans_bbqOur little family moved from Jonesboro to Douglas County back in the 1990’s. On our first visit to the local BBQ joint, my then six-year-old turned up her nose and sniffed like a NYT food critic, “It’s not Dean’s.”

In every BBQ contest and ranking and internet flame war, I have trumpeted the delights of Dean’s for many years. You will never find better. But now time is running out.

The bastion of BBQ in Jonesboro is closing it’s doors on December 31.

Debate all you want the merits of sauces (Mustard! Get thee away from me!), the depths of smoke rings, the sweetness of porcine cuisine. Just talk amongst yourselves. I’ll be in Jonesboro, standing in what will very soon be a very long line.


  1. Will Durant says:

    My family always preferred Southern Pit which is down 41 from Jonesboro north of Griffin. Go with what they do best and stick with the regular pulled pork plate, slaw, stew and cracklin’ cornbread.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    We needed more advance notice!

    I’ve many times been to Sprayberry’s in that neck of the woods—had never heard of Dean’s. I think I’m outta luck visiting before the close, since they’re closed Sundays, the only day I may be down that way before the end of the year.

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