Morning Reads Wherein I Get the Date Right — 12/16

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“What’s Up Fatlip” by Fatlip. 

  1. Atlanta’s own Killer Mike, the only self-described “typical middle-class dad” qua rapper, reflects on his political activism, Bernie Sanders endorsement. 
  2. Hopefully ATL, APS will end their Beltline tax acrimony (taxcrimony?) soon. 
  3. greencracker gives Fulton County some friendly advice on how to spend that $1.3 billion in transportation dough. 
  4. Step one: hire me as a consultant for the low-low price of…
  5. Is the Beltline “one of the most impressive urban revitalization projects in the world”? No, but it is quite impressive. And such a headline is almost sure to generate clicks.
  6.  Newell-Rubbermaid is about to be a lot bigger. 
  7. NBA: Grant Park, perhaps the greatest of Atlanta’s neighborhoods, played a seminal and unsung role in NBA history. 
  8. Oxford American dedicates an entire edition to Georgia music including a sad profile on Little Richard. 
  9. Alton Brown’s very interesting interview with with Atlanta magazine where he dishes so much dirt on the Food Network you’d think he was… like–uh, a professional shoveller. Or something. 
  10. Science: Carson and Trump lying 84% of the time and 76% of the time–more than any other candidate. 


    • drjay says:

      i think this guy is being overly harsh in his assessment of the galactic senate, and considering that it is made up of what are essentially sovereign worlds, i think it’s reasonable to think of it more like the un general assembly, even if the words lucas uses are “senate” and “republic”

  1. Noway says:

    Each person had a decent moment or two. That veing said, Paul and Kasich should just leave, Bush, too. Cruz did better early on then faded toward the end. Carson and Fiorina were unremarkable. Trump faded badly. Rubio was the clear winner. Interesting to see what the polls will show.

  2. saltycracker says:

    What makes us think that multi-billion dollar heavy rail is sprawling metro Atlantas people moving answer 20 years from now ? The technological disrupters at google, Apple, Amazon, Telsa, uber, don’t seem to be when it comes to “short hauls”.

    • UrbanSuburbanist says:

      Cross out Uber and Tesla because they have to ride the same roads as everyone else. Cross out Amazon because they are going to use drones to deliver goods, not drop off people at work. Cross off Google and Apple because they are working on cars that, while driverless, will use the same roads as everyone else. Their only benefit will be to drastically reduce accidents that cause delays and backups, but for even that benefit to be realized a large portion of the automobile ridership will have to entrust their lives and that of their dependents to artificial intelligence, which would require a drastic cultural shift.

      Vis a vis new technology, nothing short of jet packs, hoverboards or George Jetson-style anti-gravity apparel that A) have a range of at least 20 miles and B) can be safely and reliably refueled, operated and navigated by the average person would make a dent in traffic problem, and even then jet packs and hoverboards would be highly problematic during inclement weather.

      The main issue is partisanship. Roads benefits suburban Republican-leading constituencies. Mass transit benefits urban Democrat-leaning constituencies. And in an area like ours where partisan lines are often merely a (very thin) veneer that covers racial and cultural animosities simmering under the surface, neither side so much as even wants the other side to succeed at all, let alone are willing to contribute to the success of the other side with tax dollars and political capital. That was why a bipartisan coalition joined together to defeat the Northern Arc years back and the T-SPLOST more recently, and until that changes (via more urbanites moving to the suburbs and more suburbanites moving back intown to make the transportation issue less, well, “partisan”) nothing is going to be done, and any number of excuses will be contrived for inaction.

      I still remember Erick Erickson’s claim that we can solve the congestion problem by promoting telecommuting. Before that, Neal Boortz claimed that the problem could be solved by deregulation that would allow privately owned van services to ferry commuters around (when said vans would just sit in traffic on Georgia 400, Spaghetti Junction and the downtown connector just like everyone else). And their counterparts on the left continue to insist that somehow, some way providing public transit to economically depressed areas will result in economic uplift because, you know, the social engineering fairy will put it under their pillows at night, and focusing on running public transit where jobs and workers already are “deepens and entrenches structural inequality.”

      Until both sides set aside their axes instead of grinding them, nothing is going to get done, but hey, partisan politics is the very thing that allows people to believe that those things are legitimate, pressing issues of deep intellectual and moral import instead of just dull axes.

    • Noway says:

      That’s why I thought Trump really didn’t measure up last night. Rubio was so much more prepared. So was Cruz. I think that we’ll see a Trump drop…but I thought that after his blanket answer on Muslims being banned, so what do I REALLY know? LOL! I’m thinking right now of a Rubio/Cruz ticket. Most on that stage are accomplished folks. Make Carson HHS Director. Make Christie AG. Paul? Hmmm….Just keep his R Senate seat. Bush? Maybe Secstate. Kasich? No where, he’s a bitter guy. Fiorina? Commerce? Trump? Just get him back to his businesses.

      • TheEiger says:

        I’ve said it for months that I thought Trump would start running out of gas any day now and I continue to be wrong. He isn’t going to lose on his on. Someone is going to have to beat him.

        Kurt Schlichter over at Townhall has a funny, but very true take on trump.

        “As a young man, I learned that sometimes that hot chick you’re dating is also completely crazy and, as much fun as it is to go out with her, it’s going to end badly. That’s Donald Trump, the super hottie of the “I Hate the GOP Establishment with a Burning Passion That Has Rendered Me Insusceptible to Reason” crew. He’s sexy, he likes to party, and he certainly puts out – in the sense that he fulfills your fantasies about giving it to the RINOs good and hard.”

        “That intensely troubling metaphor aside, the point is still valid. Donald Trump is not a keeper, not the one you want to marry. He’s never going to make you happy. For now, he’s going to say what makes you happy, and for now he’s going to make a lot of the right people go nuts, but if you get hitched he’ll cheat on you with the liberals. At the end of the day, you’ll walk out of the courtroom wearing a barrel while Trump and the pool boy jet off to Tahiti on your dime.”

        • TheEiger says:

          I would prefer an actual doctor run HHS. We have a pretty good one here in Georgia. Congressman Price. It’s a long shot, but it could happen.

            • TheEiger says:

              “At HHS we need a budget cutter/policy expert, not a doc.”

              I agree with that except for the Doc part. Why can’t a doc be a budget cutter and policy expert too? And I’m not saying just any doctor. I talking about a specific doctor.

              So you don’t think the Chairman of the Budget Committee and someone who is thought of as an expert on healthcare in Congress would make a good HHS Secretary? I think it’s also important that the person that will making drastic changes to the department know what it means to actually care for a patient.

              • gcp says:

                The Price health care plan was ok but HHS needs someone that can reorganize/streamline a huge agency and I don’t see Price as that person.

                Jindal does not care if folks like him or not so his decisions would be made for efficiency and effectiveness and as cabinet secretary he would mainly answer to the president, not the voters. His health care policy knowledge is impressive and even though he is not a doc, his health care plan (when he ran for president) was pretty good. And of course, Jindal knows how to cut a budget.

                • TheEiger says:

                  Fair enough. You want a failed candidate for president who is a known ass and just helped his state lose the governorship.

                  It just makes me chuckle that you say you want a budget cutter and policy expert. Just not the guy that is a budget cutter and healthcare policy expert.

                  • gcp says:

                    Price did have some good stuff in his proposed 2015 budget but it never went anywhere. Maybe with a repub president and Paul Ryan as speaker, a Price budget would move forward but it does concern me to hear him praise the current tax bill mess.

                    As for Jindal, sometimes we do need a “known ass” to make serious changes.

        • David C says:

          Jindal in a Cabinet job might answer the question if he’s incompetent or just plain dumb at politics. It takes real effort to make yourself so hated in a deep red state that, Vitter and his diapers or no, they vote for a Dem to replace you.

  3. gcp says:

    Rubio did ok but many will question his interventionist foreign policy.

    Jebby will hang around for a while but the Trumpet/Jebby confrontations are getting old. Also Jebby needs to quit interrupting.

    Cruz did well but he did not hurt Rubio. Also Cruz needs to shut up when the bell rings.

    Fiorina, nothing new here, just move on.

    Kasich, the “military expert”, wants both Syria no-fly and ground troops. Once again, nothing new here, send this guy back to Ohio or Fox News channel.

    Carson interestingly asked for a declaration of war against Isis. Otherwise he was a non factor.

    Trumpet rambled on about his poll numbers but neither gained or lost ground.

    Christie was effective particularly in his criticism of senators. He likely gained a few points.

    Paul , while he had some good points about military intervention, was too critical of other candidates and failed to present his own plan. Time for Paul to go away.

    Hughie Hewitt, the obscure talk show host, was a big loser.

    • Noway says:

      I just wish Rubio didn’t look so damn young. Imagine Fred Thompson as Rubio, not Fred, but playing Rubio, with his booming voice, Southern “Aww, shucks…” attitude and towering presence. If that man was Rubio, I think poll numbers would be saying much different things…

    • benevolus says:

      I think Cruz is falling apart. He wants so bad to appear tough and apparently thinks using the term “carpet bomb” does the trick, but he wants to selectively precision carpet bomb? Yikes.

    • Ellynn says:

      Are we ignoring the kiddy table debate by collective agreement? Cause Sen. Graham’s eye rolls won the night hands down.

      • gcp says:

        It’s time to dump the B team debate but I agree Graham is funny, particularly his line about women in combat: “If they can kill terrorists, then its fine with me.”

      • Noway says:

        I remember the birth if the deep sigh and facial expressions with Algore during his losing debates with W! Absolutely htsterical! I can hear him now with his moronic pronuciations of “Lockbox” and “What about Dingall-Norwood?” I would have recommended antibiotics! Sounded like a venerial disease!

            • drjay says:

              04 debate against kerry…i forget how it came up but it was mentioned that bush owns a timber company (or interest in a timber company) and bush acts guffawed and surprised by this and asks (i guess kerry–maybe the audience in general) “wanna buy some wood?”…

  4. seenbetrdayz says:

    Christie kind of flew off the handle with all the talk about shooting down Russian planes. I’d rather not practice hiding under desks for the next 4 years. Then again, if the Cold War reignites, you could always take cover behind Christie.

    • gcp says:

      I am against a “no fly zone” but I liked Christie’s response that if Russians are dumb enough to fly into a no fly zone, then yes we will shoot them down. Evidently Rand Paul forgot that Turkey recently shot down a Russian fighter and there was no subsequent WW3. Its time for Rand Paul to go away.

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        The Russian jet violated Turkey’s airspace (at least that’s the claim). As a matter of sovereignty any nation would have a right to do that. Russia screwed up and must have in some way acknowledged that or there would have been an escalation right then and there.

        Besides, even the Trump has admitted that Russia’s been knocking off ISIS targets left and right. Picking a fight with Russia to defend rebels who have ties to ISIS and al-Qaida is about the stupidest policy I heard during the debate.

        And you’ll find that many of the younger voters have no desire to return to the era of Cold War tensions. It’s time for Christie to go away.

        • gcp says:

          Once again I don’t favor a no-fly zone nor do I favor us training anyone in Syria.

          As for the Russians, I don’t know why they did not retaliate. Neither do I know their intentions in Syria. Are they supporting Assad, anti Assad rebels or are they fighting ISIL or pro Turkey forces? What are they doing in Syria?

          As for Trumpet, he is the guy that gets military advise from a general he saw on tv. He wants us to seize and hold Iraqi oil wells and he can’t even explain the nuclear triad.

          As for Christie, get used to the fat guy because he will around, at least through New Hampshire.

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