WGST Peach Pundit Radio – Final 2015 Edition

Looking at the calendar, it appears this is the last Friday that is not a holiday remaining this year.  Thus, TGIF.

Today Stefan Turkheimer, Mike Hassinger, Jon Richards and myself will look back and look ahead at the Georgia and national political scene.

There’s news on a congressional spending plan, and it doesn’t include help for Alabama and Florida to steal Georgia’s water.  Which is nice.

Donald Trump doesn’t really want to kill journalists or Muslims.  We think.  We’ll take one last opportunity to set the Presidential race for the final pre-season polls.  When we come back in January, Iowa will be in full GOTV prep mode.

Jon Richards has been working on Brian Kemp’s plan to give away free stuff at tax payer expense.

I would say “viva la credit monitoring”, but Josh McKoon wants an amendment that would prohibit that.

And I’ll probably start with a word on the holidays themselves.  Because at my house, “war on Christmas” is usually fought with dinner table psy-ops.

Tune in at noon on 640AM WGST for some or all of the above, or listen live at this link right here.